Never do anything in moderation, it poisons and wastes your time. Looking back…

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I guess I have been always this way with TIME.

It is biblical.

Of course, on reflection, there were rare times that I did take a moderate path, but it was never out of choice.

I did do Everest, the supersonic flight and all things rare and enviable before I turned 33.

It was GOOD.

I was prepared to give, not take , before I was 43. It is NOT an achievement, that would minimize it to self strength….

It was provenance, the greatest of good luck for most observers.

It is the gift and kindness I received from God, the God of the Bible from the story of Jesus Christ.

Spend money on people who needed the money.

Time and your work.

I have the philosophy that “I am given a chance to do my work, I am grateful and I do my utmost best”.

Most people will never achieve greatness or publicity, neither did I seek it.

However, great things are not just setting records or being first.

IF I had set out to change the landscape of the lives of human beings, in any sector of GOOD…I would have done even better.

I began with NO money or leverage.

My only tool was a strong will to learn and to acquire skill sets….at age 12 or so…that was “reasonable” in the backwater city called Singapore mid 1960s.

1987…married, no kids yet…but philosophy grew:

Always be good, go extreme, never take the middle road. Time with studies, work, hobbies and giving. Always have opinion and answers. Support others.

The Oracle of music in digital from

For simple dining at home, I chose what would best…some would say this was madness.

Arguably, the most valuable wristwatch made till today.

The best possible watch would be from my era

Chain and fusee tourbillon Cabestan

The best possible time keeping from before air travel.

Rare or the most rare of combinations in a watch collection

Examples of what is philosophy above profits

Le Blal

The most valued recognition is from a society which I had never interacted with…French opinion of High Society

Concept to reality

The first of concept cars to make production and successful sales

Some cars live forever

The first 991 and the fighter plane entry to rear seats!

The largest man made hole

In the days of the cold war, we all hear of ‘Siberia”…this is it. That’s why diamonds can be so precious…human life…this mine is so huge, it produces enough deformation in the earth’s atmosphere to cause any normal aircraft to be drawn in.

Value of diamonds

Visible from space…our diamonds, many, come from this place.


In the rear of the 911 picture is my twin turbo Juke from Nissan, another icon.

Costs less.

Totally mature and humble.

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