MB&F machines

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MB&F machines


I am a firm believer.


Because I believe in the people who trusted me when I was a nobody.

Max trusted me, just as Vianney Halter, DuFour, IWC’s two Asian MDs, Rolf and Blumlein, when I had no money to buy their watches.

I had no advertising leverage in those days.

I owe a lot to TheHourGlass.

It was a time when the MOST expensive watch I could buy was the Freak and the Antiqua.

Greubel Forsey was being handled by another retailer, now gone down.


Today, I am buying both used old watches, second hand watches, at market prices.

Not because I don’t want to buy new….fact is, for me, it is easier and just as inexpensive to buy new…but because of the leverage of a dynamic created by luck, of my owning a watch, or that watch…so it is NOT a fair comparison.

Looking at the normal man…I am so anal about NOT getting a reverse fair price, that I use my name on 50% of my buys…so at least I can study the market.

I want to take the risks of buying secondhand not to save money, but to show that it is as good as buying new IF you learnt more before buying.

It supports the brand new retail as well, because if no collector sold, he would not have enough to buy new watches, unless he is super rich.

Beginning with MB&F and Greubel Forsey, I have shown that you either will not lose money on HM3, or even profit from selling HM1.

The Freak has superb resale values, if you bought before 2013.

Greubel Forsey also has high resales for the models before 2010, but I see and will put my $$$ on both MB&F and Greubel Forsey to hold a win win…whether buying or selling, the values or gains from learning far outweigh any possible loss.

Plenty has to do with TIMING.

When to buy and when to sell.

Watch collecting has arrived at a point when you see people living off trading watches…proof that it is an investment.


1. Small, and enjoyable everyday, unlike a car or wine or a hifi

2. Very hardy, easy to maintain, not like a lens or hifi or wine.MB&F hm1P1360602TT (26)TT (25)ap and gfap omegaseiko



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