Making money from a modern-day watch circa 2005 …The Opus V of Harry Winston

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I have had to keep my promise, and sell my Opus V, in platinum, used made in 2005, because I had said it would fetch a profit.

I do not highly, but rather take it as a small challenge to make a profit from brand new watches.

Very difficult, but less so than a college paper.

So…way back in 2005, I paid $156,000 USD for a platinum Opus 5 or Opus V , these were the most desired watches of the time.

I wore it often.

A counter on the case back of the 273 gram platinum watch monitored 1 year or less of wrist wear in 9 years.

The price of this platinum piece rose from 200,00 USD to $365,000 USD over 9 years.

The $365,000 one was unworn, sold in 2008.

I sold mine between negotiations this month to keep my word, to illustrate how it is possible to make money.

The price? $299,800 USD.

About double my money, after 9 years.

I am happy.

It brought me memories.

Many collectors have chased this watch as among the most elusive and possibly the most significant art piece ever made.

My journey with the Opus V is documented on at the Harry Winston forum.

So…it is possible to invest.

Enjoy the journey, and the product.

Now…it will join the famous Pateks, Greubel Forsey watches.

Please make note…only a handful of Pateks, maybe less than 100 in total make this kind of money in 9 to 10 years.

A watch that I love…and possibly I will buy it back.

opus Vthe opus v


  1. Nooooooo Bernard why you sold it it’s a shame ! For me together with the Opus 3 it’s one of the best watch I ever seen ! Especially if we consider that has been made on 2005 ! And Probably the concept was from even before !
    Luckily i saw it and wore it before you sold it !



  2. Hello Doc, now we need the same explanation for the OPUS 3 ! With the pic ofcourse !!
    Pleeeeeease !

    Take care


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