Loving a puppy, a dog or rabbit of any pedigree or none at all.

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Here is my new family member.

A mongrel, I prefer using the term mixed breed, or breed free, puppy.

Most people expect me to own pedigree animals.

Unlike cars, watches and art…animals are living, feeling things. I love them, especially doggies, because they are ALIVE and they actually love me. Not in return, but they are just living things filled with spirit.

But I am a 100% animal lover.

We have had mongrels, because many are rescued, and unloved.

Here…I can spend hours with him each day at home.

With grounds to roam.


This 3 month old will grow old here, with us.

We all love him.


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  1. I learnt to truly appreciate dogs during my NS time as was lucky enough to serve with the dog unit. My friends and I still miss the dogs even though we have finished are our time. We still talk about our favourites and remember their funny quirks.

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