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Luxury that can be justified

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Leica . More than a piece of desire.

This Leica will not be easy to hide, or be inconspicuous at all.  It will be uncommon to see, if at all…  http://www.lhsa.org/raregallery/show/50/

and https://luminous-landscape.com/leica-m240-impressions/

Only thing is getting the right lenses with the right color…and vice versa, this brass lens is not going to be mounted aesthetically well but on a black body…hmm.

Not a big issue…but a beautiful camera, which I suspect will hardly be used.

I will never waste it…it will partner well with uniquely colored Leica M ‘s…..it almost sounds silly. A camera was meant to be a tool.

After over 30 years of using rangefinders, the M 240 is both an SLR with the EVF, and a rangefinder.

It will prove heavy for new owners…and very tedious…but it will make your brain/mind deliberate on the flow of conscious reading of a picture.

For the last 2 decades, the camera would focus FIRST, and then you would either accept or refocus.

On these, you will have to focus, hence choose first.

ALL of your pictures will turn out different from what you used to see.

But I digress.

Bernard Cheong is a watch collector, published writer, medical doctor, and is one of 4 founding partners of Lifeline Medical Group, in Singapore.

Owning any M Leica, especially the live view 240 is an experience to savor.

Not to just click away.

Save for one…used and cheaper before you simply buy…if you are like me, careful with money.

The lenses you see…are all special. Even the seemingly “normal” black 50mm, because this one is black, but made of brass, not the light aluminum.

Which I can’t accept…it takes away from the feel of a Leica.

The huge Canon 0.95 and the Konica Hexanon 1.2 are also special wristwatch level items…ie they will hold value.

Well, even though you can find a Canon 0.95, not that many will be in top condition…even if 18,000 were made.

Also note that lenses made during the era of film were influenced by how they react on film, and so…the modern lens designs require an incredible amount of data..ie image quality.

Old lenses, like half of what I have here, are immediately seen as sharper thru the naked eye mainly because they were so well designed.

But I will not say the same for the older lenses from simply any brand. Once you expand the image on an iMac…the quality of the Summilux and Summicrons on a Leica M 240 body is overwhelmingly better in tack sharp edges.

Then again, I am NOT a “Leica man”, see:  http://www.kenrockwell.com/leica/leica-man.htm


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  1. Hi bernard,

    Is that a watch box where all the seiko’s are ?

    Nice post by the way….

    Have a nice Sunday


  2. Bernard Cheong

    Giancarlo…thanks for reading. We must have dinner at my home…when you return.
    Yes. That is a special box made by Seiko, out of waterproof plastic, in and out…for their bigger divers.
    And…I have yet to complete paying for a Vianney…but its the last one. I don’t wish to collect, till I have the full amount.
    It’s very hard to wire money.

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