Leica M240, Pentax 645 on Greubel Forsey

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full frame size

The 2013 Sony A7R is good, full frame, look at the size!

Leica M240, Pentax 645 on Greubel Forsey

Leica…but then http://www.kenrockwell.com/pentax/645d/I’ve been using this Pentax 645D for two years. Only the Leica M240 and the Sony’s ability to share all my Summilux, crons, etc..moved me to request for a Sony.

Unlike my Greubel Forseys, I don’t pay for cameras…only the Leica I have to buy.

My previous cameras were 4×5 film systems, Pentax 67 and the Mamiyas.

I moved to digital Canon 1Ds for quite a number of years, enough to produce 3 paid books.

So…this is NOT a review of cameras, just a sharing. In case people/readers are thinking of FULL FRAME and/or BIGGER.

I am not a pro.

I am not even a GOOD knowledgeable photographer…BUT I am a REAL 99% of the market, I guess, and I will not be far wrong.

If you have reached Full Frame by way of digital, like I did, then my choice will stil be the SONY RX1 or RX1R or newer.

I only had to go Canon 1Ds because of the MPE65 and that I had to produce full size, unreduced images of the IWC and the Ulysse Nardin Freak way back in 1999.

But the SONY came later, 12 years later, it was small and made MUCH better pics right off jpeg.

The SONY A7R came 2 years later, and allowed me to use my old glass I have since 1965. I even bought 1950s glass to use….later in 2015.


Because curiosity allowed me to explore LEICA, and to answer my own questions…why do LEICA people like Thorsten use so many 35mm and 50mm lenses.

I now know. I will share…it is, to me, to use a lens at full open if possible at most times…so its WORTH buying a 0.95, 1.0, 1.1,1.4 and 2.0 all in 50mm…because you WILL 100%, I swear…get DIFFERENT pictures, mostly unexpectedly good, and VERY different from all Japanese 35 full frames.

ONLY the Pentax 645 will liberate you.


(1) I use the Leica G star raw, yes, a tiny 1.4 lux zoom on small sensor of 1.5 type.

(2) Leica X2.

(3) Leica M240 with most 50mm and 35 and 90 asph as well as non APO pre 1961 lens designs.

(4) Sony RX1.

(5) Sony A7R with Zeiss macro Touit.

(6)Pentax 645.

(7) Sony Nex7000. APS-C .


I have exotic glass which I do not deserve…I was and am VERY VERY blessed to have these lenses which many MORE deserving amateurs and pros would and should have.

With the Pentax 645, I don’t use the Canon’s MPE 65 no more.

The Pentax 645 ‘s mighty 120 macro with a SONY A7R zeiss 50 macro is only challenged by the probable entry of the Leica Elmar or Elmarit with macro.

Was t WORTH it? If you look at it from an intellectual, spiritual way…I opened the doors for me to share the equivalent of both Shakespeare and Da Vinci …to the public over the years 1998 to 2015…to show Dufour and Greubel Forsey.

Pateks, Rolexs, APs and RMs are novels by GREAT writers and artists, who I admire, but are NOT in anyway close to what a Greubel Forsey is. Period.

To share a Valuable secret….I am still owing $$$ to the people who sold me my last GF !!!!

That’s how much a GF is worth…!!!

And you will need to look at the wealth of googled pics, not just mine….and to read what owners share about Dufour and Greubel Forsey…inseperable in value.

Why did I write about the cameras?

It is beause you will need to have VERY good macro gear, and good general gear, to enjoy a perspective of watch collecting, and to appreciate them, like we do with wine…to drink it.

NOT just to read the review.

To look, check, compare, decide for your self, and NOT an opinion of a 3 day scribe review…not at prices ABOVE that of Porsches and Ferraris . Yes. GF’s cost more, and look less impressive…they are like good literature and good old oils.

If you were to use a compact Leica (the very best one, made in Japan)…this is :

A Leica small point shoot


pentax 645

Wow 2003 BIG sensor detail

From here, you know you NEED a BIG sensor, and to learn how to use one.

The process is FUN.

Like wine tasting.

No torture.

A full frame is good enough.

But not a small camera.

So..the image on the RIGHT is the TRUE size. Laughable as a useless image!

From tiny Leica. A huge real Leica M240 will be better or as good as the 645!

The image at top, is a full frame Sony..true size.

Last, the GIANT image below, is the Pentax 645…huge sensor, huge picture.

You can decide to buy a Greubel Forsey on the BIG photos.

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