Lee Kuan Yew has left behind, for me and my family, legacies for the next 100 years (very grateful).

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All of this...and ALL of me...as much as I owe my parents, will still not have existed.

All of this…and ALL of me…as much as I owe my parents, will still not have existed.

I am very grateful.

I grew up in the Singapore he built.

I was born 1958.

I was a small boy. Lee Kuan Yew remains and always will be my HERO.

We must celebrate his success and honour him.



I would have remain in the zinc roof home that would have become another Vietnam war zone if Mr Lee Kuan Yew did not live his life, like a story to be told.

He was and is forever to me, the Clint Eastwood of the REAL world in Singapore.

He understood power, and absolute power.

And like the characters of Clint Eastwood, he would never have sat on his backside.

I had the privilege of meeting him at my clinic once, and it was during the elections that Dr Seet Ai Mee.

The hand washing incident.


I remain a general practitioner because of my laziness…but most of all, I examined my lack of humility.

I needed to remind myself of the amazing life I had, was all due to handwork and long sighted Lee Kuan Yew.

Indeed, when you read my blog…recall another minister who said we would reach “Swiss” standards of living.

Back then I was a nobody, maybe still am, but we did MORE than achieve that Swiss standard of living remark.

Go to youtube “Vianney Halter Prize” to hear a passionate truthful speech by Vianney on Singapore, not me…but Singapore.

So many things could have gone terribly wrong.

From Singapore setting up Timezone in the early days, to the building of Lange and Sohne’s reputation, to the GPHG coming here….all would never happen.

More to say this whole week.


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  1. The best doctor i have ever seen. Keep up doc

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