Konica M Hexanon 1.2 modern CAD could offer a challenge to the twin Summiluxs made from 1960 to present day.

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I would NEVER buy a fat Summilux with a built in slide hood…the damned thing blocks the view finder.

Made for people who want others to KNOW they can afford one.

I am not deriding those who like them, but for more noble reasons.

Same for the RARE Noctilux, small barrel and looks for the world like the Summilux of 1960.

Anyway..here is the Hexanon M, at 1.2 it presents the REAL challenge to Summilux after 50 years…at $3,600 it is a quarter of Leica’s price.

It is not yet KING…but damned close…I like it.

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