Jump it up one notch…the tourbillon..it is a door to one life, of many.

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Examining methods used, paths employed by engineers to maintain balance to variants of 2 secs annually by employing a well designed tourbillon device, provided precious insight of life, my own, to be concise.

There are just so many ways.

To spark deep understanding of how challenging it is to compete against an electronic computer watch, and WIN…it either requires a genteel mix of discipline and drive, or the daring, almost insane gamble of placing 80% of all my money on say…red at roulette. And then 20% on any large unrelated segment in one play.

I already have the first. So I decided to buy what I could barely afford…a sophisticated wristwatch, in 1976….understand a part of it, since there was no internet or many books, and almost no magazines.

It was pay dirt win!

I began when a Patek cost 5x less but was worth at least 70% of my money.

I began when buying 2,000 pieces of Panerais for $2,800 each was crazy.

Then in 2011, after a long journey…I had enough to put all in, or on the table.

Just so I could find a way around the mind of one man…Stephen Forsey.

Sadly, I loss 50% of my collection…in retrospect, it was needful for that pain. Losing over a million dollars.

BUT, I gained enough to be satisfied beyond my expectations.

I can continue, now with lesser, more style, more loose morals, less uptight, more fun…more Pateks to wear not store, a few Richard Milles and a few Rolexes, all to understand the philosophical element of watch purchasing.

It is no frivolous thing. No less than scaling a modest himalayan peak, which I have done.

The tourbillon is the tool and a construct designed to control and regulate variance in a watch. Only the finest watches have them.

Of late, being such complex and forgiving in interpretation, tourbillons have become more costly, more value retaining too, compared with all sportscars of equal stature.

One simple Greubel Forsey tourbillon, the SUMMIT of watchmaking at independent and possibly all, all of watchmakingDSC0033dewitt-tourbillon-prestige4OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAArnold-and-Son-UTTE-Tourbillon-tourbillon-detailAnh1-7695dahci_image.2226293AandS-Piaget-comparison-cropped, can and will, if you try hard to buy one…GP_HD_Neo-Tourbillon_Manuf4-1940x1291GP_HD_Neo-Tourbillon_Manuf1-1940x1290Girard-Perregaux-Tri-Axial-Tourbillon-schematic-620x263Girard-Perregaux-Tri-Axial-Tourbillon-Manuafacture2Girard-Perregaux Tri-Axial Tourbillon (3)with no boutiques to maintain, unlike cars, will cost 5 Porsche type 991 Carreras. And will return that money in a way that is more rewarding.

But I digress.

Just enjoy the visual feast of whatever I saw online:

12-Calibre-182-Tourbilloncc81c01e9e254af498e99a5e8a15d33a450x300px_Cage2._the_delicate_tourbillon_cage_in_detail1-BDM-295-greubel-forsey-quadruple-tourbillon-a-differentiel-spheriqueimagesimgf0001Parmigiani-Tonda-1950-Tourbillon-07WP-Parmigiani-Tonda-1950-tourbillon-screwsParmigiani-Fleurier-Tonda-1950-Tourbillon-Ultra-Thin-1Vianney Halter Deep Space Tourbillon (13)UN-178-CageTourbillon-LGtourbilloncageTourbillon_24_Secondes Pt950Tourbillon_breguetTourbillon_Cage_G-03_Front_A4_Btourbillon_cage_hd_03_xlTourbillon-Cage-2tourbillonTourbillon13OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAshowcasePrescher-Triple-Axis-Tourbillon-1-cpershing-tourbillon-backmemorigin-tourbillon-smallmoritz-grossmann-caliber-103.0-details-4moritz-grossmann-caliber-103.0-details-5MvtDS1LgmaxryesdefaultGreubel 24inclineH. Moser Venturer Tourbillon HMC 802h1-700x325OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHajime Asaoka Project T Tourbillon Ball Bearings 7hajime-asaoka-project-t-tourbillon-watch-10RM19-02 FRONT RGBmaxresdefaultmaxrespiagetdefault



  1. Bernard Cheong

    ALL things are status symbols.
    Some are nothing more, and maybe best avoided to save time.
    Tourbillons are like Maybachs and Lambos, and cost MORE…even worn on the wrist.

    However, they are MUCH more.
    Man versus computers.
    Mechanical versus quartz.
    Commodity versus currency.
    Engineering versus art.
    Literature versus math.

  2. very well said Bernard !

    To be much more appreciated by the vast majority of us they should do some affordable tourbillons in a way that many people can really understand the value to have a tourbillon inside a mechanical watch !

    Of course that the triple and quadruple tourbillons of GF or the single incline they have to remain at very high price, due to the incredible finishing/polishing that a GF watch is submitted ! And of course for the limited edition too !



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