Interest in wristwatches after 1998, from $2,000 to $5,000,000 USD

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I certainly will not know.

But if one monitors forums, the impression that BRANDS and STATUS are still present. After a growth of intellectually mature and daily active forums such as thepurists and timezone have grown, matured and fought epic battles….after the emergence of human made, passionate and honest work have won accolades….after many of these subsequently themselves became brands…many respected forums on material collections have , I guess, young participants remarking with callous attitudes, “never heard of them”, ” just commercial spiel”, and such words tagged to hallowed watch makers like Dufour, Greubel Forsey and MB&F…

Because the cellphone and social media were born in my era, I chose to try to understand and keep the best of what it produced.
I did not champion Rolex because I do not have the right heritage, or Patek, because I am too young…almost 60.

BUT…MB&F, Urwerk, Greubel Forsey represent MY age and my era.
I would want my kids, and grandkids to know a side of me…my taste in art.

My writing.
My pictures as I lived across film to pixels.

It is almost the experience as I uncovered my parent’s and grandparent’s picture album spanning World War 2 in the Pacific Theatre…the B 29 planes.

My grand father’s Rolex.

This unusual watch is the cabestan.
In 2005, it was a watch that will require 2 men, about 7 years to create from scratch to finish.
This is ONE of three made then…each of gold, white gold and steel.

There were more made later…

Like the Greubel Forsey, it represents what cannot have been made before my time, before the computer became accessible to common folk.

Of course…it also represents what I fondly call “the madness of dreams”.

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When you are buying a watch next time, think about it.

Buy the best you can afford…you will not regret it.

It is the era when technology meets creativity.

Creating exists, when it performs a task of placing into existence, an object or thought which did not exist before.


  1. Wow Bernard, one of the best watch ever !
    In real is much more amazing than in the pic… real you can see all the details of the movement, specially the vertical tourbillon is great !
    I think Eric did really a good job….another extraordinary piece is the Terra Luna wow…really breathtaking !!

    Bernard you know what I think you should try this camera…really groundbreaking have a look at this

    Have a nice day


    • Bernard Cheong

      Oh..this is not a camera. But a device that captures visual fields for edit or for making pictures.
      It is very difficult to post any watch pics.
      It may need brains. Mine may be abit preoccupied with the greater potentials behind this..medical diagnostics.

  2. Bernard I don’t know I’m not sure that to post a pic of a watch is more difficult !
    What’s for sure is that with Illum become a really great pic !

    Have a nice week end….take care



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