If any hunk, bully, showoff know it all “boy” bullies you and tells you he “knows about watches” SONY NEX7

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Show the F#@ker these

Say MB&F in solid gold

OK..only 18 were ever made.

They are MORE rare than an Opus 3.

I own BOTH…so I can say I am unbiased.

BUT..the MB&F4 is the best buy, and at 60% less…you cab buy the DeBethune DB28…I own that too…unbiased.

Trust me, the MB&F is BULLET proof in terms of longevity and service…because the engine is simple. The case is the where the magic is.

Just look. And atany party, well. I am a sad sack…but I guess I won’t be alone.


Then look thru this gallery by enlarging these pics..SONY NEX with Macro, no touch ups, all jpeg all rough.


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  1. Hi Bernard,

    did oyu own this one or the Panda ??

    Thank you very much have a nice day



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