I can’t get no satisfaction ….NO.

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Why do people collect anything?

Well. Personally, I love this song from the Rolling Stones in 1965, and especially when John Hamm did the sequence where he lit up after a swim, determined to quit drinking.

The dark glasses, the cigarette.

I used to smoke…but I gave it up cold turkey in one single day..tough…but done.

Collecting watches, these are trophies for me, and YES..I can get satisfaction!!! Mick, you are WRONG.

I highly encourage anyone, rich or poor, to collect something seriously.  It does matter. Prizes are no longer given away after school is over.

Maybe, sometimes…that is WRONG. People begin to wonder about life, instead of LIVING.

Ask someone who has survived a catastrophe….like me. I want to GIVE BACK to society, to you. I know about failure…rejection…being a loser….

But I know much about winning, being super rich…you won’t get no satisfaction…that’s right. That’s where the lyrics are correct.

Satisfaction is about that ONE job done right. OR about that one thing you worked for, and got it. Passing an exam.

There is NO higher philosophy. It is THAT simple. You win some..and not some.

For every 100 people who like me, there may be 1,000 who hate me. Who cares?!? I don’t.


A coincidental reflection, I am missing my 30th year class reunion. Because, for me…I guess it would simply spoil the evening for many (envy)…and I rather be somewhere else, with people who don’t envy me.

I am no longer surprised that MOST of your/my peers, will not share enthusiasm for your/my success….but simply be envious. I don’t want to rub it in.

I just know that they will remain friends, if I do not be “more” successful than they. That’s great.

I understand envy. I avoid it.  I am a victim of that envy that drives me to sucess, but I know when it is “enough”.  I am envious of my own peers who do better than I do…TODAY…I just avoid it.

I can guess many who have read this far, will understand.  It is the SAME reason why people with good reason, avoid interviews if they have success. They wish to avoid the envy of their peers. That’s GOOD.

Today, I know how deep my happiness and wealth go. And many will not share that…and it is BEST to avoid them.

They won’t be reading this blog. I know that. It is too much.  They would place it into “trash” as being boastful, and not sharing.

I live, and let live.

Now..run along and get that Richard Mille tourbillon, and the brand new Porsche 911. Trust me, if you can afford it without a stretch…they are beautiful things made by man, for man.

Driving a new 911, paying for it, is a JOY. Because you can get satisfaction!!!!



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