I am Singaporean. I should help create an identity or define our citizenship. 2014

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4 clinicWHAT is a Singaporean?

Is it the boundaries of the island’s fortress that defines us.

Is it our peculiar, yet quaint accent? I preserved my “Singapore English”, not Singlish…the difference is subtle.

Are foreign talent or foreign peoples who stay here, temporarily or permanently, to be “Singaporean”?

That said, I am FAR…possibly less than 0.005% of the bell shape curve, of the total Singaporean’s life.

BUT….I am very happy and to a smaller degree, proud to be a part of the country’s founding generation.

My generation, born after the Korean Wars, and at the beginning of the Vietnam era, are the founding brick and mortar of Singapore. We probably dedefined it MUCH MORE than the generation of Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

That group, came from the UK and Malaya, to plan and to begin the country. BUT…those now in their 40s and 50s, and some of the older 60 and above years…actually gave us IDENTITY.

Strangely, this identity has long been a bug bear, a pain in the rectum, for the people. UNTIL the age of the PC and the start of Netscape and the mobile phone.

I will define Singapore is the Blade Runner version of this world. We are ideally small. COMPACT. SECURE.

Indeed, we are a refuge for all who wish a safe happy life. We will probably NEVER be involved in aggression.

We have TOTAL internet connectivity. We have a fortress of natural deep water. We have tolerance for ALL nations and religions.

We have NO guns…no drugs…no crime…to a reasonable level.

We have access to medical aid within minutes.

There are no isolated abodes or camps.

We use English. We use computers and even invented the thumb drive.

We have incredible tolerance to law and rules.

Today, we are just becoming creative in a digital world. Where heavy industry is controlled remotely from secure locations where software is safe.

OF COURSE there is NO utopian world…and we all have faults. But no matter….I really did kiss the ground when I returned from far more matured countries.

I can say, with honesty and no BS that I came from below the middle class level. I have no attractive physical features, or connected parents.

I had almost NO money, and still, till today, have not much cash.

BUT….if juggled well…cash and social skills can help many peoples. I am one such.

I am of the belief that science education has gone as far as it can, and the big boys from other countries can do better.

Singapore has come to a watershed. It is time to learn more social skills, be less rude, and also if possible…kind to all.

If the atmosphere of competitiveness can be “moderated” and ENVY of our neighbors…ie HDB guy next door or the desk next to you…..we will be happier.

Will we be altruistic? NO. Not yet.

But we can improve the lives of the less fortunate. I have ZERO savings. I gave my money to generate interest in an industry which was dead….watchmaking….and far far from the well wishers, I got nay sayers.

I believe they were right in their own way….but today, owning a watch is a big thing. And…Singapore has become recognized as a watch country.

Of course JEALOUSY and ENVY as to who contributed more is always a pain…so let me be the FIRST to say that TheHourGlass, Sincere and Cortina did the most.

One high end retailer used envy and exclusivity to feed the demand….I will publicly DENOUNCE this smaller, but elite retailer.

To be fair, I will never say who it is.

BUT…since the wristwatch is a real immortal product, capable of living, working, for thousands of years….and it imbibes poetry, economics, music, romance, engineering and all the best essences of both hard sciences and those of soft sciences….

we must allow Singaporeans something to aspire to.

The young will not find cars and homes easy to own.

Or even easy to be featured in a world class environment. But in watch collecting, I guess I have done my small share.

I did it in a way that avoided the downfalls of elite hobbyies…that is…to use hard knowledge…because it will exclude the uneducated and poor.

I used the mind and the spirit of art…now that everyone will have in equal amounts. I hope.

Allow me to share with you a life of a normal doctor, with no big money, and no big connections…reasonably please.

Everyone has big name friends, not just me.

But I will not be on their “contacts” list. So..appearances and reality are not the same.

Let me begin:

I wake up, and my bedroom/home/ kitchen whatever..greets me.

1 loungeI still get a lift to work from my 82 year old mother, who drives my 18 yr old Toyota rav4.2 toyota rav4 1

I love this car.

I bought it to help a friend in the car business when his business was down.

I guess one good turn…3 toyota rav4


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