How to know how old your Hermes is

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The following is a list of date stamps found on all Hermes leather goods.

years 1997-present are encased in a Square
years 1971-1996 are encased in a Circle
years 1945-1970 have no geometric shape

So I have a few Birkins and Jypsieres, all male/man mags.
Some inherited, some bought …all from Japan, Hiroshima, yes..THAT place.

2012 P
2011 O
2010 N
2009 M
2008 L
2007 K
2006 J
2005 I
2004 H
2003 G
2002 F
2001 E
2000 D
1999 C
1998 B
————————————————————-new and appears more commercial.
1997 A* letters began being encased in a Square
1996 Z
1995 Y
1994 X
1993 W
1992 V
1991 U
1990 T
1989 S
1988 R
1987 Q
1986 P
1985 O
1984 N
1983 M
1982 L
1981 K
1980 J
1979 I
1978 H
1977 G
1976 F
1975 E
1974 D
1973 C
1972 B
————————————————————middle age, but treasured for their youthful leather and great workmanship.
1971 A* letters began being encased in a Circle
————————————————————letters without any borders, these are GREATLY coveted, and Birkins especially, and even Kellys, without borders, have superb stitch work that is NOT FOUND today, except at bespoke pieces from Corthay, the shoe maker.
There must be a few more…but I have not seen them.
Forget Prada.
LV and Hermes..are still aceptable, but they must watch what they sell!
I will publish macro photos above within the hour.

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