Clutter at Home is arguably desired

Eccentric personalities and how they would appear if you could see into their homes and lives.

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Clutter ?

My home , my or our house, zen and clutter

Chinese New Year is where almost all the Chinese community do some house , home , and clutter cleaning.

Well , my clutter is both my peace with Zen and my home.

I can’t clean it by anything over a factor of maybe 10%. With 6,700 of indoor area..erm that’s almost 2 to 3 sizes of most homes here…I wasn’t rich, just blessed with good friends who then in 1989, knew I needed a BIG place with a low price.

They also knew I was sentimental. The man who will not sell his home, especially one I made and built.

It’s much more than a house.

It’s my memories.

Probably the memories of all of my core family too.


home house clutter

I watched the “HOARDERS” on tv for an episode, well twice…I doubt that would be anything close.

I simply have a mini museum of things collected from significant memories.

This is no house for any décor magazine of this era..well not yet.

You can understand how I could use all or any of my cameras and lenses to their full potential.

Yes..even to photograph monkeys, birds, rare crabs and squirrels.

Yes..from that metal seat with brown can see for miles, at an elevation of 479 feet above sea level, surrounded by tropical jungle and a stream, rich with prawns and crabs.

can a house reflect me and my family accurately? Or can we say it again: an archived post

The living room towards the study that also doubles up as an office space,  witness extreme clutter – an antique shop of sorts, but strangely lavish and opulent.


Homes of the 1% homes of normal people in Singapore and asia

chairs or clutterlamp desk safe

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  1. Wow this in lovely…simply lovely….
    Well done mate…also the sourrounding is beautiful and peaceful…great choice and great place !



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