Greubel Forsey is now 10 years. My own journey…and probably others too.

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Excluding the ultra wealthy, and all those who out earn me etc…a Greubel Forsey is an extremely costly object.

I say this with respect.

This is not just a watch. It is the material projection of what many strive for, claim to believe in, profess to deliver, but fail to do so.

I am one.

I have not tried to be the best at what I do. I have often done the opposite, not with intent.

I am not at all stressed by this.

Historically, we have not come close to perfecting anything that has more than 5 moving parts. I have tried counting.

A pencil. A pen. Several string musical instruments.

Now, a watch….I see it first as a portable timing tool, and that, the level of functional perfection is almost done.

Short of using a caesium clock, we are done.

However, the sheer challenge of making something just as close to perfection, with no issue of cost or marketing or resale and all that distracts…you want to see and hold, and hope to own a Greubel Forsey.

The long road of collecting does not end, but forks many times over.

Take one pure road, follow it…it may begin at Rolex and Patek for most….bringing them to Lange after a distraction at IWC, JLC and VC and several independents.

The end of that pure road is Dufour and arguably Kari for some.

But if one had to use a mallet to quash an ant, you will choose a Greubel Forsey.

Both men worked thru well known brands as well as one worked restoring older pieces from another century.

Robert Greubel was at IWC and at Lange, later AP.

Stephen was restoring in the UK.

I could not afford their watches, and my first one was bought used…and it was the most important Greubel Forsey of all….theplatinum Invention Piece 1 with a 00/11.

The next, I bought new…a piece unique, a 24 incline with a platinum case but a white (instead of grey) dial….my favourite.

Then, I approached Christies to acquire the second most important GF. the MOP platinum Vision 30.

It was a GREAT honor to be a part of the team to deliver Greubel Forsey’s speech for their 10th birthday.

To be at the right side of the Swiss Ambassador, and to have Yoichiro San, the retail anchor of Greubel Forsey Japan meet up with me.

They have chosen a very appropriate man…the very best.

Greubel Forsey Japan (3)


  1. Hi Bernard, i have a $50k budget to buy a watch. What would be your recommendation? Thanks.

    • Hi bernard, just to give a bit more context, i am looking for something that can retain value and also a work of art. Rolexes never appealed to me. Pateks were ok but i could only zero into 1) a white dial nautilus 5711 or 2) annual calendar 5146j. The rest were above my budget. I like Langes but i have heard that it has poor resale. The same with FP Journe. I am also looking at the now discontinued gold Glashutte GMT Panomaticvenue. It does really seem that what seems ugly has the best resale and beautiful watches that are art have poor resale! Appreciate your advice. Thank you in advance.

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