Greubel Forsey IP1 platinum under 2:1 macro by LAOWA 60mm

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Frost and even more

frost of the best after the era of George Daniels and Roger.

future exhibits of the louvre

Leica versus LAOWA 60mm? Macro at the top.

Greubel Forsey IP1

Greubel Forsey IP1

The Greubel Forsey IP1 platinum is in the closing years of the age of the superlative hand made, most costly, most rare watches, the sincerely most valued.

Without the embalmed values of diamonds and such…

Valued for hand made. An age which is to end.

Greubel Forsey and Sincere Fine Watches present ‘More To It Than Meets The Eye’

Horological Meandering 2006

The IP1 in platinum of 11 pieces, and gold in 22…are, will be, the most documented, verified, as teutonic and Germans can be…no secret editions…always a pain to discover a decade or even 10 later!

Now, more than 2013 to 2016…as Tag reintroduces the world to what the Chinese in Beijing have been doing since 2006…the tourbillon for under $200 USD actually.

CHINA and the mighty Beijing Watch Factory


As the world finds it much more difficult to keep secrets, we should visit an old post I made:  watch factory

just looking at the multi axis made:

Always remember: in a violin, the art and the hands that varnish it are all.

No, in a lens…well the formula of the elements, groups and coatings do play  a HUGE part…but maybe not as if you are to buy a Greubel Forsey without being aware of WHY it costs so much.

price by half, but you do get half Bloomberg, not I am assuming, being from th perspective of buying a large Monet…

saying that Greubel Forseys are now lowering prices?

Heavens NO.


Greubel Forsey, the Swiss watchmaker that produces about 100 timepieces a year, reduced its entry-level price by half in an attempt to attract more customers as the industry faces the first annual exports decline since 2009.

The new starting price is 150,000 Swiss francs ($149,283), down from last year’s 298,000 francs, according to Chief Operations Officer David Bernard.

Greubel Forsey watches cost about 480,000 francs on average and can reach as much as 1.5 million francs.

The price cut illustrates the challenges facing the Swiss watch industry, which is preparing for a fourth straight year of little-to-no growth amid weak demand in Asia.

“It was a good idea also that we could decrease the price for being attentive to some clients who can’t afford a watch of 300,000 francs,” Bernard said in an interview at the Geneva watch salon. “Many can’t even afford a 100,000-franc watch. They look at Greubel Forsey and say, ‘No way, I can’t afford it’.”

That was more me…I guess there are many who can afford one, but watches are a new economic model…it is weak, for one factor, the majority of buyers WANT to flaunt it, or leverage it, or use it to subtly communicate power…no different from a sportscar of expensive tag.

The thing is…these watches, and most of the top tier models are actually subtle and secretly private belongings, that DO NOT serve as crutches to the insecure… MUST really be the REAL thing to own a watch.

You cannot rent, borrow, or part finance one. NO.

I am an exception….I believe my I am back with no more pocket money, because of my Opus 6.

Live dangerously.

A life cannot be created from our desk….my erratic blogs testify.

Tag was far behind

Chinese tourbillons below $200 USD

handcraft is all

so what makes a tourbillon valuable? Handcraft!!! this a Guaneri?

but about finesse…a violin as I had stressed, is still a violin. Unless…


opus 6

Greubel Forsey ‘s first platinum double cage made before Opus 6

superlative ultimate finish

Greubel Forsey black polish, total anglage, no diffuse materials that don’t allow superlative finish, such as found in aviation or motor racing discardables.

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  1. Bernard Cheong

    These painstaking real, not marketing, work is very very, I must add…about to be very rare. The lowered prices by Tag, and the already released China made tournillons will create a demand for these wonderful miniatures of craft and precision.

    Deeper, and easily understood reasons of prices , such as comparing dynamics of costs of wood and linseed oils vs a Rembrandt can be understood by the entire world within months.

    Now…I am eager to see…the evolution of demands for tourbillons vs 3 handed watches at THE SAME price. The same value.

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