GREUBEL FORSEY IP 1, Vision 30, 8 years on

things worth millions you can carry thru customs

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Greubel Forsey

Greubel Forsey.

Is the best , MOST EXPENSIVE, investment, statement of wealth object (yacht, supercar, football club etc).

I have brought RM, PP, Dufour, Daniels, Journes, and AP to this debate.

2006, at the Opus 6 reveal, I was beaten.

Years back, I bought my FIRST GF.

Clint Eastwood, “A man’s got to know his limitations”

The Greubel Forsey Invention Piece 1, second hand.

I doubt many collectors who have reached this ( self proclaimed) Olympian level, buy their FIRST GF as a platinum IP 1. But I did.

After 18 months of photos and close study…I bought the next one, a new 24/25 single incline platinum white.

For non watch people, what I had done, was just like buying 2 supercars at supercar prices, but needs not much maintenance…actually zero compared to a car.

Being NOT a billionaire, I did not know my limitations. GF won a loyal and sincere buyer, and locked him out of buying anything else, he won’t, and also can’t.

I dare challenge after 30 nov 2015, that I will make more than 3x what I put in….erm, that’s both bold and stupid, but I am not in this for money…but to endorse the change of the WHOLE industry.

Random Facts:

(1) Since 2014 to 2016, more than 3x a month, do I get my own patients asking about GF and how to finance owning one.

(2) I stay in Singapore. A small country that can fit into lake Geneva. It’s been thru tough financial times and seen success thru early adopters, so often that Gladwell might as well stay here.

(3) Being land locked, in 24 by 13 miles, I thought property will NEVER go down. NEVER. Err…wrong. Forgot about small charges and maintenance which eats profits and time (life to us doctors).

(4) as a country, we did well to adapt to portable wealth and usable and recyclable luxuries…use, spend, use, sell, get back most or more money, spend, repeat.

(5) We learnt from migrant days…try to make sure that we can carry our hard earned money/assets within 2 shoeboxes that are strong.

(6) Buy low, when/before people all buy. Lesson: buying as many Panerais at $2,800 a pc and RM02 and RM 03 when they were $130,000 in gold.

(7) Whatever is not hot in our country, is often 100% hotter in another, and the www just made things simpler.

(8) Rarity and fundamentals. less than 60 to 80 of ANY, GF will be added to the world each year. PLATINUM ones 11 every 2 to 3 years, possibly 11 once a decade.

Hence buying by value and sheer measure of long term significance and MOST importantly…its assured future demand and rarity is a GOOD IDEA.

Look, no journalist will say/write stuff like this.

I have been without, so I don’t like to make fun of anyone.

BUT…if I had known that the small terrace homes costing $65,000 in 1973 would reach $900,000 by 1988 and then $2,300,000 by 2014…of course I would have said it out loud.

It’s NOT a NEW phenomena.

Like diamonds, watches and pocket watches have been niche, that have long exceeded the 11 million USD point many years back.

Every character on the dial is cut into solid gold.

And consistently do over shoot $3 to 6 million…most out of radar.

Journalists journal, doctors doctor, and dealers…well deal.


less than 36 of these exist

Greubel Forsey platinum Vision 30

Infinity hypothesis

Greubel Forsey invention piece 1 platinum 11 exist

Greubel Forsey

Greubel Forsey IP 1 profit a given for this baby

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  1. Bernard,

    this article is really well worth reading !
    About the car we have to consider as you already mentioned the manintenance, the insurance, service, gasoline etc etc and a lot more expenses to keep it up to date. All this kind of extra can be voided with that super watch, plus the GF will only gain value over the years compare with car which they will only loose value over the years !
    So buy GF all the time ! IP 1 lovely, GMT great, single incline Amazing……I had the opportunity to hold and put them on….wow…what a sensation….thanks !
    To be continued…….



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