Greubel Forsey Invention Piece 1

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Greubel Forsey Invention Piece 1

Created between 2002 to 2005, this is the platinum piece ,of 11 maximum made.

The Greubel Forsey Invention Piece 1, also known as the IP 1, was first shown, or revealed in 2006 Basel to three journalists, and possibly the first collector and customs to own it later after 2010.

It was the herald of the GOLDEN (or rather Platinum) AGE of the 7 figure watches that actually do deserve those halo prices.

In fact, when the IP 1 was revealed, it was called the Harry Winston Opus 6.

I, was then informally linked to the industry as an “early adopter” and informal advisor/trouble shooter.

I saw the fully completed CAD generated engineering diagrams with Hamdi Chiatti at the Raffles Hotel, with TheHourGlass as early as 2005.

Max Busser having left the project, “as completed”, being the first CEO of Harry Winston’s Rare Timepiece HWRT department, with me as the then “young” internet face on ONE forum with my real identity… , I have held that forum and Timezone as among the best forums in English, from 2001 to 2011.

Posting under various names using professional translators, I had singularly, at the time of 1989 to 2003, supported the independent and genuinely gifted watchmakers, believing as I still do, that it was both financially viable as well as beneficial to both BIG well documented and well advertised companies.

See Vianney Halter’s GPHG acceptance of Best Watchmaker prize, in my 2nd year on the jury panel.

2016 saw the toughest era of the superlative watches made.

Slow sales. Over many respected newspaper interviews that were asked of me, I firmly believe it is now the LOWEST market, and will remain so, till 2018.

My opinion based on no formal economic education.

On the side of the market:

1 Knowledge of what was hand intensive skilled creation of a bridge and a wheel’s teeth was not yet compared with possibly difficult, costly assembly work.

2 Knowledge of the cost of maintaining a watch was not yet infused to the buyers. It was NOT partitioned into aesthetics, performance and historical vs fashion eras.

3 China had opened its doors, creating a vastly populated market of super watch buyers that in my 37 years of collecting, I will say, it has created a universe. The chinese, like myself, see watches the same way as the westerners see classic cars and antiquity furniture. Millions of dollars…..not thousands.

On the side of the Industry:

1. Not yet aligned to total demand supply dynamics.

2. Not yet understanding the culture of vulgar display versus honest sharing between comfortably wealthy consumers….hence placing the WRONG emphasis in advertising from the west.

3. To its credit, the industry has adopted the web, youtube and having custom websites for brands.


Knowing the balance between the 3 plus 3 above, I predict 2018 as the earliest turn around, led by Rolex at the low end (yes) and for the academically enriched wealthy individuals who built their own empires (myself , no false modesty, at the lowest end)…the Greubel Forsey values of placing the cost close to the price, value for every dollar, presenting the BEST possible by means of best handwork plus best CAD.

Remember to laugh at me if I should be wrong, and support me if I am right.

I did predict that by 1999, companies WILL make ridiculous (at that time), boxes, trunks and impressive home containers to display/keep wristwatches.

I did predict that although Goldpfeil dropped the ball inches from touchdown, that two men….Dufour and Vianney Halter, will create a new universe of watches that will cost MORE than $100,000 USD after maximum discounts and NO precious stones.

I did predict in 2004 Watchtime USA as well as 2010 Economie France and The New York Times (many)….that laughable in 2004, tourbillons will be popular, and more than 100 can behold each year….the laughter was fun…

F P Journe 2005, to 2009, I did publicly buy, at Sincere’s auction for charity, an “over priced” piece unique gold, with black MOP constant force tourbillon for $98,000 USD.

I did buy my FIRST Greubel Forsey, then INCREDIBLY priced below $220,000 USD , the unique double zero IP 1 platinum….recently exchanged between collectors at above 1 million USD cash.


My wiki is reasonably accurate, maybe 100% accurate.

MB&F as well as the (again) double zero Vianney Halter platinum Antiqua are bought by me, first owner, fresh from makers, and remain, although now slower, the ICONS of advantegaurde work.

They are all way above $300,000 in the used market.


Now…in bad times…2016 to 2018…I will reach back to Rolex , Omega and TAG Heuer.

I earn NO MONEY from these posts and this site….I have NO leverage.


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