Greubel Forsey rare double 30 WG available!

Greubel Forsey is an index of culture versus consumption

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Greubel Forsey

Greubel Forsey rare fine double 30 WG VISION.

In a slate grey, not the 2 million dollar platinum MOP, is coming in FS at auction in HKK by Philips.

Probably 2006 to 2009.

Less than 70 made in this form.

All should be easily documented, certified. Think: WILL you buy something that supply is vague at best? Yet…demand is NOT explained, illustrated but by vague terms: “history”, “DNA”, parts of cars which are discarded…even if used in costly ways?

No fake Greubel Forseys exist at all, in anything close to a child’s drawing.

Let me be clear, I do not work for or will gain, from these watchmakersl

Reserve entry bid is┬árunning in low, below $250,000 USD…BARGAIN price IF you win at $400k.

New in 2007, it was close to 1.2 million USD list.

Photographs did not make paintings go away.

Neither did film/TV make books extinct.

It is NOT my watch, I have not seen or inspected it.

BUT…..after owning/selling some Pateks/Rolex/AP….these will perform well after 2020…my opinion.

Alvionar composite alloys can only be less dense than traditional metals, but this watch will show you WHY it will appreciate.

Are we encouraging culture, education…or mindless moneyed consumption?

1 Repairs are easy, and unlikely.

2 Exact numbers are audited, and available…they are MORE rare than most limited Pateks, which are NOT open for you to audit.

3 The work is not replicable at lower costs , but likely higher by now, 2016….it was made to place Greubel Forsey after Opus 6 demolished “finishing standards” in 2006…see “Bernard Cheong” and “Opus 6” on Google.

More later…unretouched pics from a Sony A7R, with Laowei 2 to 1 bellows 60mm macro lens….taken off my own double 30.


million dollar watches

fine rare Greubel Forsey


1 million dollars

Limit of superlative maths, engineering and hand work.

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