Grand Eras of Great Value

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“Grand” and “History”

  • The words “grand” and “history” come often together.
    Value is not always automatically linked or followed, but is without exception, but only with degree, compulsory included.

Great Eras of the automobiles, travel and architecture have passed.

The FIRST great era of watchmaking has finally ended…not the last chapter, but certainly one.

  • From 2003, I had a great, certainly grand, invite to be a moderator for a “Mission Impossible”.
  • I was invited, by both The HourGlass of Singapore, no small company, it was wisely listed on the main board.
  • Max Busser, 3 years before he was to become a historical figure of MB&F.
  • In 1998, I had set my hobby’s gunsights, a twin barrel water cooled Browning to chip off my envy that I was never, not at all, a part of the “in crowd”….here, others who have known me since 1964 to 1973 will differ.
  • However, by 2003, I had not single handedly but ironically with 8 octopus arms made of 7 other men 100x my measure, created a wave called the evolution of a wristwatch into a very serious billion dollar economy.

Wiki and a small side note that Paris and YTL gave my family honor for being one of each years most treasured girl’s dreams, bimbotic or otherwise, I don’t know….it was le Bal…and never in my wildest dreams would both my daughters be a part of Le Bal ‘s Debutante’s or even Bulgari London’s faces… Thank you all of watch industry.


Now that watch making has “ended”, and is about to transform:

I will put my neck out….it will be the next new generation of art that is maintenance free, almost…and capable of becoming artifacts, working ones, even after 600 years…BTW watches have been around for 600 years already.

Now, with new lubricants, air tight seals, metals and all..60,000,000 years will be on record.

These that you see, are about the TOP 5% of the first era…called out by my not so mumble self: INDEPENDENCE.

Formed by 2 things..portable wealth and pliable country borders.


  • 746W6827era2008Version 2IMG_1789
Valuable watches of an era

I predict this, will be the most valuable together with 2 other models

rear view

rear view

art piece

Collecting and not hoarding

My original first home, which I built with David Lam, James Yip and Dr Lee Chiaw Meng.
Almost 8,000 sq feet interior on a slope, 473 feet above sea level.


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