Fat Cat Seikos which can cost double a Panerai

» Posted by on Jul 14, 2012 in General | 5 comments

No words needed.

In typical understated nature of advertising, yet over the top designs, SEIKO has had these for years…about 5 years.

VERY limited..as in MORE limited than most Swiss can think of.



  1. Hi Bernard, sorry I hope you don’t mind me asking…
    Would you be keen on my SBGR075 and SBGW003? I don’t wear them much after getting my SBGE001. I would like my watches to go to a good owner who cherishes them. Hope I don’t cause any offense. Thanks.

    • Bernard Cheong

      Hi Clement,
      I own these already. BUT..they are evry highly sought after pieces.
      How much would you wish to part with?
      I am sure I can find some singaporean collector.
      IF you wish.

  2. Dear Bernard, thank you that would be very nice of you. On the local forums, sadly nobody is keen on seikos. I am looking to get around 7k for each. Parctically new and well pampered. I am open to reasonable offers too. Once again, thank you very much for your generous help.

    • Bernard Cheong

      Clement..feel free to post onto this site..what you wish to sell for, how much, etc.
      I want this site to allow honest and open posting or sell/buy stuff.
      No bullshit etc etc moderating to please brands..we have enough of all that on the www.
      I am here for anyone else to sell their watches, or to make a buy.

      There is always SGX (Singapore Watch Exchange) or thepurists collectors market as well.
      But here..you can all do your own thing.

  3. Hi Bernard,

    Can you help me find a GS SBGW300 been looking for a while now for a reasonable price. Maybe you can point me to someone who might want to sell.


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