Family, friends, money and life …everything costs..ever more each year.

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What am I working for?

Do we ever go home and ask if we lack anything?

Honestly, when I walk around my home and offices…I think that it would be greed to want more.

I have been MOST tempted to buy a bigger home..say a 30,000 sq footer…but what am I doing with 70% of my present home..nothing!

Family and friends:

They do come first..really I would give away everything in the next section for this:

Money, success, things and fame/significance:

I don’t really know if a “job” matters..because I am 54 and passively living on my earlier work.

Then it begins with wine, well…I drank already half my cellar.


Then there is plain FUN, and the things that come with it…

fame/notoriety etc…life as it is:


It goes crazy to go back 10 years..but just last years 2008 to 2011:


Life is so expensive because people’s tastes are more than their income. Our entire culture is based around consumption. You don’t see a lot of ads for saving or investing on TV. It’s all about spending, and people are very good at marketing things and making you want to buy stuff whether you want to or not. There is a difference between wants and needs, and a lot of people buy based on their wants instead of their needs.

Maybe…and I am no economist:

One of the reasons things are so expensive is there is more demand for commodities around the world these days. China has been growing extremely fast, over 10%. India growing very fast. They are developing a huge middle class which demands more commodities. So the prices of aluminium, copper and gold and coal and all the things that go into creating an economy are going up.

Well, the cost of living is expected to go up typically 2 or 3 percent is what many press would say, that’s where inflation has been.


But I think if you actually look at what people are spending; it’s actually much more than that.

There’s a personal consumer price index that people might have. If you’re older and everything’s established, you’re not buying that much, you might have a very low consumer price index.

If you’re in your twenties and thirties, and you’re buying everything for the first time, you have children, and so on; you’re going to have a much higher consumer price index.

The reality is with higher energy costs, higher health care costs, and cost of education,  the cost of living is going to be going up five to ten percent.

For most people who are in their younger years, they’re still building and buying things.

I would like to believe some of these things we buy now, may cost a lot more…in the next 20 years.

There is NO way to be sure.

I have never batted 100, but I have hit 90. In the most unlikely places too.

But having made a choice of working at the lowest income of my profession, and suceeding beyond it over the last 30 years…I think I can rightfully say, without sour grapes that people and friends and ethics matter most.

Only if you have the mental flexibility to self diagnose one owns moral compass. Nevertheless…I have and continue to have quite a lot of fun. It’s also free.











  1. Dear Bernard,
    Multi tasking as usual.
    Are you not on several of the boards this year?
    You are an inspiration to all who over work!


    • Bernard Cheong

      thanks Mel.
      I think I was slightly bi polar!

  2. The arrangement of your blog is very interesting…I thought you were another watch geek.
    Now I know why you are the “man”.
    BTW…you do live the life I would think 90% of everyone in the whole world want.
    Enough of all things, health, travels, fame, family….and enough money.

    I am recomending your site to friends…because it is fun and educational.
    I live in the UK.
    I am already 60.


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