Facts of history are strange, and made me think of why buy watches that are special

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Peace time things…but if we really look…they are wonderful things too.

Designed to be opulent and show off shit? But also to show how far one can go.

It could be worse!

Look at the Horten 229

Over New York City 1943?

The Museum’s Horten H IX V3 is the only extant example of the world’s first all-wing jet aircraft.

The first prototype was a glider.

Two Junkers 004 jet engines powered the second prototype and German test pilot Erwin Ziller completed two test flights at the controls of this aircraft, called the H IX V2 , but he died during the third flight

The jet crashed.

At a workshop in west central Germany in mid-April 1945, Allied ground forces recovered the center section of this prototype under construction at the time and missing its outer wing panels.

U. S. Intelligence specialists shipped the wing to Freeman Field, Indiana.

The Allies had managed to recover a set of H IX outer wing panels and technicians attached the panels to the H IX V3 center section before the wing was transferred to the Smithsonian during the late 1940s.

Terrifying if history was not changed by men. USA and the UK and so many.

Ahhh…if they had but been making the incredible watches you saw before this post…and 30 or less years from now…you will see.

Watches will not be rusting and needful of restoration, but the age of how powerful machines, men with hands and cameras that encouraged them.


Preservation, Restoration and Storage Facilities slowly and carefully rebuilt the Horten jet that could have destroyed us all, changed the world as we know it, or ended it.

This is a significant event because many people have not realized how close the war in 1943 really was, and although I knew nothing of it personally…I visited Normandy.

Today, after conservators and treatment specialists prepared the fragile center section, Collections Processing Unit staff will move it to the Mary Baker Engen Restoration Hanger at the Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center for eventual public display.

Think of man, the I phone and of the Porsche 911.

Special thanks to

Russ Lee is a curator in the Aeronautics Division of the National Air and Space Museum.


horten-229 horten229jet hort hort229 Horten plans horten


  1. Bernard Cheong

    BTW these do much more resemble the MB&F 4….more than anything from the thunderbolts.

  2. I was watching this documentary on Youtube the other day. Damn scary to think the outcome of the war if this and its bigger brother had gone into production and used. No reaction air force could have been mobilized in time to take one down.

  3. Dr Bernard, any opinion on the Rolex Daytona platinum?
    The price for it is quite high.

  4. Bernard Cheong

    wowzah..it is Jan 28th.
    I just saw ur question
    I love the platinum Daytona.
    As in absolutely.
    I bought a rainbow in wg though.
    It had sheer beauty n poetry.

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