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Inexpensive is probably relative…to watch collecting.

But this is actually easier to sell off, if you tire of it.

I ran my fingers over the paintwork, felt the weight and the attention to detail.

And, optional, but since I run Krell Mono 300 on Class A with Sonus Extremas…and now Gallo Reference 5.1 speakers with room acoustic balance amps…and of course the famous point source Eclipse 7 speakers from the Oracle CD mark2, with GATO 150 controlling the 7 point source speakers…

I can’t help but share that it will take a journey from 1990 to 2013. I had a chance meeting with Ken Kessler, I used to read so much of his views, and I respect them…. till I never heard from him again. Journalists all become experts without pain?

Anyway, enjoy:

Oh…the Greubel Forsey IP1 is the only thing that can match the Ferarri cars…at least it is the only object that costs 3 times as much as an average car from that brand.

The others are so much fun, and costs 100x less.

ferarri Art EngineThe stand alone speaker is painted by Ferarri.

Oh…they are sold out years ago, 1,000 were made.

Look at the Ferarri approved and sounded speakers:

ferrari Art EngineThen a shot of the painting:painting ferarri


Then assembly:

ferrari Art Engine


3 years ago..I stopped here.





The manifolds and the wireless dockings:
















Wireless !!!

Wireless !!!













Greubel Forsey in Ferarri colorsRemember to click on the pics to admire the works.

manifolds used as speakers (3)

manifolds used as speakers (2)









manifolds used as speakers (1)

manifolds used as speakers (3)manifolds used as speakers (4)


manifold hifi (3)


manifold hifi (2)



manifold hifi (1)





  1. Bernard Cheong

    Feel free to admire these in my home…they are easily appreciated as art, even when silent.

  2. Bernard Cheong

    Ok…you may stop the emails and phone calls/sms….there are only 2 red colored Ferarri Art Engines. Sold at just over $29,000 sgd in 2007 or so. The rest, about 6, are yellow.

    And that’s it. No resales or used ever appeared here yet.

    My guess, the owners are all car folk of a high $$$$$ and will not part with a DWS. If, and if you can get one, for say $40,000 sgd or more, it’s a good buy. Compare it with any spare part from the cars.

    The work is incredibly tight and fit. Porsche level, and above.
    All metal, front, back and top and bottom.
    These monsters are made to outlast watches. They won’t. BUT…there is no rubber or cloth or anything that reacts with atmosphere or temperatures that humans live in. No patina or dots of stains which “may” plaque the manifold models from the other make you see below.

    Sound. It’s a Bang and Olufsen, but about 3 to 5 x better in bass reach and stage etc….no match for my line, point source or Extremas, but those are $100,000 sgd and above…minimum. So..I think it will fare much better off as a cross over art/history piece. The software is incredible.

    Everything is wireless from the source…your iphone, PC or any digital thing.
    Only one wire for power, and that goes to the red tower of power. It is made to have zero wall stand off….so it is ideal for our humbly small homes, and probably will kill even a high end set if you place both against the wall.

    My other speakers need from 6 feet clearance from all walls to the back, and a ceiling of 16 to 28 feet to sing. So…I guess unless you have that space to keep empty, go look for the Ferrari.

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