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You must.

It is as important as gloves in surgery.  Eyesight in driving a car.

This applies to anyone and any person including people who don’t care about silly people who collect useless watches.


Because you become at least 1% wiser if you are already wise, and 90% wiser if you are simply normal.

No one has asked me about this.
Not in over 100 columns or interviews.
I myself never did so till 2004, some 30 years after I began keeping my watches carefully and accounting for them. ie Collecting.
You must discover the amount of energy and intellect you have locked in yourself by immediately, do not postphone this, dismantling any made in China immitation wristwatch…choose a large one. A fake of these large automatic or hand wound…no battery powered ones will do.
You will learn:
(1) Why a man made object like a watch, is possibly the ONLY rival to gemstones in value when you thank God you read this in 2020.
(2) How you can still learn, and even learn 20x faster and even teach your kids that knowledge is almost all.
Here is your shopping list:
(1) Buy at least 3 to 5 BIG manual wind and autowind watches that are fakes. Buy them with simple 3 hands on the dial, the date is not important…I mean the date on the function. But do buy new one, made after 1990…many online. Make sure not battery driven. Do learn that you should be paying $20 to $80 for some. Buy one from each price point of $20, $40, $60 and a couple of $80.
(2) Buy one good used SEIKO diving watch from a pathetic seller online. You will need this as a reference watch…they are all automatics, made outside Japan if 1990…costs $100 or less. Buy only 3 handed watch, most SEIKOs have dates. Nevermind…they are good textbooks.
(3) Go to a supplier of screwdrivers for watches online…several brands. You need a complete set. I recomend the Burgeon 5970 for $105 USD or the 3044-A for $265 USD.These make great useful paperweights.  Or it will spend its days as a silent, occasional useful tool set for fixing a toy or laptop gizmo, certainly a cool object that attract only intelligent conversations. The price difference itself is a lesson in life…you do “sometimes” actually get what you pay for.
I bought the 3044-A, and later even more from other makers. Like Swiss army knives, they are collectables. BUY NOW.
(4) Shop on line for a GOOD post 1950 Omega pocket watch which is handset..meaning setting time by pulling out the crown, like your normal watch. Condition..rough, but working. Steel. Price is $300 to $500 USD.
(5) Two magnifying lenses…one which is a medical or hobby headset with cheap plastic lens for both eyes, cast in one rectangular piece…$30. The other is a watch maker’s loupe..
(6) A table lamp with a white light.
(7) Digital camera with macro function.
Now…sit back and realise it took one MONTH to put all the tools together.
Not just that, but you could begin a hobby, other than watches, just by the sheer beauty of these tools!!!
NO time was wasted. These tools are worth money in more ways than cash…you picked up on so much of human inventiveness and sheer culture and evolution of science!
Now..go buy a small bottle of lighter fluid or paraffin…or a small 90ml bottle of petrol you siphon out of your Porsche!
You are READY as a grasshopper.
(1) there was a time in the years of 1987 to 1997 that old wristwatches gained attention.
There were huge gains in the auctions and resales. However, one must rexamine that these prices and sales were not regulated like the stock and commodities markets of banking and trading firms. The quantum traded was incredulously small, although the amounts of money were high. Anyone could, with simply high school skill, manipulate and create sales and buys out of thin air. Maybe this never happened, but I cannot see such a good oppurtuinity pass unnoticed. No ill intents, but great names could be and were made into history and folklore.
(2) From 1990, the computer generated a communication and sharing network that could never be regulated. This allowed almost all legends, folklores, prices, brands and all, to be re examined. The exchange of ideas, opinions…it changed the market.
(3) I learned that “the greatest good was not to share one’s riches, but to open his eyes and reveal his own wealth to himself from various perspectives”. Buying an expensive watch is the LEAST logical thing. It is however, a very safe, the safest place to begin to search for one’s own riches. Surprisingly for me, it was not medicine, but my curiosity for photography, history, design and people.
These are my reasons as to why I bought my own overly expensive watches. Many of which I could barely afford, but I saved for them. I traded in and out, buying low…selling high later.
That is how you will bookmark “bernardcheong.com” to either witness sheer silliness or pure genius. Not as uncommon..the silliness.
mbf-hm6-space-pirateOf course you will not be attempting to take this watch…an absolutely masterful creation, the HM6..called so because its the “horological machine 6”.


Giving you a clue that 5 others came before this bug.


It also tells you that there are truly limits to even experienced watchmakers.

And that the Swiss were ready for Chinese rip offs.


No way that the East can pull a fast one over the watches which rule and roost at the high end.


But I digress.


We all digress and wander when we write creatively.

It’s called day dreaming on paper.


More important, it can allow total strangers to know me at a substantial level.


(1) A mechanical watch does not just mean a watch that is not driven by batteries. It means a watch that can last forever. I mean juraisic terms, fossils. It means a watch that can be recovered a million years from now, and made to work again. This will therefore include any form of electric powered watch today. All it will need is a new source of battery, or a replacement for source.
(2) I am going to tell you to learn, if you haven’t yet, the mindless works of companies and factories made for profiteering over a short period of trend. These will make no difference to the history of the watch industry. Irrelevant pieces.
Here is where watch collectors are practioners or students or even masters of the top down, drone operated, camera view of art, engineering, value, design and anthropology… all philosophically important.
These deep, interlaced complex lines of human philosophy will not be left out, if I will refer to them in some way or another, to share what I have learned.
(3) This long essay is a guide. It will focus on contemporary watches. I think we have enough good works done, written and compiled in tons of advertisorial books. Speaking of which, I have chosen to focus on smaller brands.
Since 1988 to 2004, parallel to vast and rapid sharing of ideas, technology entered the phase of self redundancy to a point where by 1998, 10 years later, global search for any purchase that resists wear, tear and the killing stab of “the next new one” will self propel itself into any consumer mind.
I don’t know why I said that in the web way back during Netscape days. It is there. I have been quoted to place 1998, but a self search into my own data servers came out with 1988.
They found the non battery reliant wristwatch, just as the watch makers came back to inventing these with injected value…precious stones, materials and anything being able to be squeezed into the containment chamber of the wristwatch….which by the way of its small size…can survive even an air crash calamity.
Before you waste time googling that…trust me.
Before you take blind advice, know a little about me. I have very few friends. Maybe many people will consider me a friend. I value that, and I am grateful for that. I grew up first as a businessman.

Then I later became a doctor and I saw at the core, the big difference. It is so wide a gulf, that it cannot be bridged unless you believe in ideals, and you become idealistic.
Being a doctor who interacts with 120 people, not including relatives, 7 days a week for 30 years makes me a bit more “qualified” as a good reader of men.
I am an unusual guy, dedicated enough, to subconsciously bridge with ideals, business and contribution. Contribution with a capital C.
I have been found out, identified and named as one who remotely did so by directing the industry and the customers, I began with creating online posts, on blogs first created in Singapore prior to 1988, attracting attention to watches worn by people. Later to understand the complexity of engineering and possibly the entrance of art into watch making as culture could drive it in. The element of “design” was an abstract force, always present, but with time dependant importance, hence often not able to withstand the erosion of history and technology…look at how ugly cars out number beautiful ones by 1 to 1,000,000 from day 1 of its invention.

So you see how far I have wandered off topic.

Will continue in part 2 soon…this week.

But do remember, almost everything become victims of whim or technology.

What does not are art, literature, tools and the off spring of all these….the wristwatch. I believe that the “clock” has already become irrelevant to all but the more wealthy.


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  1. Bernard Cheong

    Now you need to OPEN a watch,

    That’s why you will have to wait for these to arrive.

    You will not wish to open a good watch, the fake watch is the best one to try.

    It immediately tells you much about what makes anything good.
    From a car to a knife to any man made metal object at the very least.

    (1) Buy at least 3 to 5 BIG manual wind and autowind watches that are fakes. Buy them with simple 3 hands on the dial, the date is not important…I mean the date on the function. But do buy new one, made after 1990…many online. Make sure not battery driven. Do learn that you should be paying $20 to $80 for some. Buy one from each price point of $20, $40, $60 and a couple of $80.

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