Designer chairs, Dottling designer safe, Leicas, 2 million bucks of watches, art, all in a room fit for a homeless person..

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Till you notice that the floor is covered with leather!

I took this photo about 5 mins ago, resized it..and here:

This room is so messy. I don’t really know if this is intentional.

My 2 daughters, are also equally messy…but have remarkable good in food, clothes, wines, cars…all without my or wife’s direct influence.

My wife, Dolly, has great taste, although she came from an extremely humble/poor family.

She attended a good school in a small town. Kuantan, Malysia.

She worked for Ernst & Whinney (the old name of E& Y).

I think she got her tastes from Jen Shek Voon. Her boss.

I know I got my taste from my mum and dad, and because of envy of my classmates in ACS.

That’s the good thing about going to an elite school of rich kids, back then in the 1960s.

Today, it would generate a delinquent!

Well..I am a sort of misfit. Although if you google me, it "may seem" that I am a society guy…and I know practically 10% of Hollywood…but I am really an ordinary guy with BAD table manners, and I wear track shoes to work 7 days a weeek…but I wear a suit in my office…out of habit and comfort. I know many doctors do not even like to wear a tie.

I need to see a shrink…I really do.


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