Caseback Greubel Forsey Art Piece 2 & IP 1

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Caseback of Greubel Forsey ‘s Invention Piece 1, Art Piece 2 have finally begun to evolve. Greubel Forsey took lead point.

Caseback or not, all rare Greubel Forsey in platinum are and will remain as secure as investments as anything on the market.

These works are evidence and represent what man can do without computers and electricity if need be.

Caseback (s) have begun decisive evolution. Greubel Forsey is lead point man.

These are classic powerfully committed decisions.

Took 300 years. It will, IMHO, make these THE most important and valued watches, and audited to the hilt. Can’t go deeper. Can’t get more sure as real, no way to fake.



Why will I think that a caseback to be DECISIVE?

We all got tired of seeing the wheels and gears. Decisive is unique and rare.

We tired of having personal photos.

We tired of overly costly, excessive finish on the wheels.


It is fast becoming fact, among collectors of broad types of antiques. Cars, diamonds, clocks, stamps and wristwatches. That

the early Greubel Forsey, with special attention to platinum works, invention piece 1, art piece 2, value, are  investments that allow us to use our hard worked money and have assured gains, in the form of small & portable large amounts of liquid assets.

The unique artisan craft of true life sized frosting technique combined with minimal required demonstration of watch finishing

technique is good and not boastfully over the top.

And, ironically, it is the MOST expensive way.

That’s class.

Class and classic top end is like a IF grade diamonds, the ONLY diamonds Greubel Forsey uses.

rear view

rear view

art piece

art piece

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  1. Dear Bernard All nice and diverse.

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