Candor Erudite Abnegation

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Candor…I live like that…

Erudite..I am unashamed to be accepted, but I have my doubts.

Dauntless? No doubt.

Abnegation? Erm….rarely.

Amity? Above all…I try..always.

Divergent? Hits it on the nail…self diagnosis.

For me, in and thru my pursuits and beliefs…SURELY. I love the MB&F 6 but the erudite and the abnegation part of me will shed tears as I sell off, maybe the first ever Greubel Forsey single tourbillon to enter the planet’s market for important art pieces of this 21st century…the single incline platinum white:

greubel incline platinum (3)


steven dufour me



  1. So Bernard, at the end do you order it already ??

    Take care



  2. Wow very good this pic of three of you !
    Well done Bernard !
    Also the perpetual that Stephen is wearing is amazing !


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