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Between 2014 to 2015, I did the needful that almost all high end collectors have to do, pruning, editing and harvesting lost chances.

I have made very few mistakes in buying.

Hence, selling makes it very difficult, soul searching and many calculated risks.

For many, it will be misunderstood, until it comes their turn.

I sold VERY carefully my Opus, MBF and UN pieces with a certain 99% view to rebuy them, even the same watches.

The reasons to sell were never determined by me…but by the chance to acquire the Holy Grail of almost any of the academic collectors, and the very serious buys…the name of Greubel Forsey.

From the times of 2006, when I was moderating Opus 6, I knew this was so stratospherically high above even the Richard Milles and Pateks, that for a normal non mutant like me…it was to be acquired as most art pieces, AFTER it was sold…ie used…and to accept the fact that the prices would be so much more painful.

It takes years for a platinum Greubel Forsey to appear…

Even when new.


The result was the selling of 12 of my rare pieces. I have refought 3.

To finance an appearance of 3 Greubel Foresees from edition 1.

All appearing within a single year. A financial crisis for some…but a chance for me.

I bought the IP1 used. The Vision 30 was like new used unworn. The unusual platinum single tourb was brand new.

I share that now..having daughters, the blue Greubel with IF diamonds is a must…so the logical replace would be to let go…with great pain….my platinum single incline..a unique one too.

It will happen in December.

Of the Greubels, this would be the best buy for any one who has reached that level…because it is probably lower in price than the wg vision of the same ..almost..but just so much more relevant as a historical piece…I am almost hoping that no one will bid.

The moral of this share is to buy carefully, and that you must plan to sell, if you see something of incredible value….


Here is a box of 8 , I have 3 such boxes which I store watches which I will rarely sell unless I come across something of such value (to me personally), that I have to move on it.

Not all are super Rolex and Pateks…but there is one box.

$600,000 greubel forseygreubel forseyrobb2a



  1. Bernard,

    I completaley understand you its never easy to get rid of some beautiful piece ever made…….even though you do so for some other great piece !

    Please can you post some pic of this blue GF with diamonds I never saw one !
    For me the single incline in platinum is really a must have !

    I’m just waiting to see what going to happen in December ! Good luck mate

    Take care



  2. Dear Bernard,

    I am really enjoying your blog…love reading about the different watches you collect.

    Pruning your watch collection is no doubt a painful task. This is something I doing now…so I really relate to this blog entry.

    Considering your taste in very rare and exquisite pieces, I have a watch in my collection that you may be interested in: OMEGA LOUIS BRANDT (De Luxe) RESTRICTED EDITION. One of four watches produced in 1990. I know the OMEGA MUESUEM in SWITZERLAND has one, so there is only two other pieces part from mine out there. Hence, it is extremely rare.

    o Movement No. QS 14 Calibre 1117
    o Skeleton movement with Perpetual Calendar and Moon Phase
    o Calendar programmed till March 2100. Therefore, watch will only have to
    be reset every 100 years
    o Case, hands, cabochons, clasp is 18K gold. The rotor is 21k gold.
    o Sixty full cut Diamonds on the Bezel – diam. 1.4o – o.78 ct
    o Navy Blue Crocodile leather strap with 18K foldover clasp.
    o 21 Rubies
    o Automatic winding in both directions with ball-bearings and 42 hour reserve

    The watch has never been worn and still has the original protection material from the factory.

    Would you like to add this amazing piece to your already fantastic collection?

    Kind Regards,

    Andrew Reid

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