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Many people living in a messy home, feel they are the only ones. That’s not really true.
Some descend into a MESS in a spiral of depression, they don’t notice it.

I am a “fun” hoarder; with adequate space; before having a family and wife, my collecting stuff meant more than relationships with friends.. it was all good stuff.

It wasn’t about old newspapers and freebies.

I lived through the great “I don’t have what my friends have” depression; I guess that having been written about being a collector, I became the myth of the ultimate ‘self-made-man.”
I can see why I love having and holding ‘stuff’.

In a hunter-gatherer culture, it makes complete sense to gather all you can.

In 3rd world countries, it makes sense to go through garbage heaps.
You eat all you can, naturally…

I managed to collect stuff of value, and redeemed in the later years, quite successfully, actually.

The “collections”
Some collectors become messy because they learned to avoid housework.

You, a collector, are unique…the reason for your home’s appearance is unique to you.
I don’t feel you have a problem…as long as you don’t have decomposition, dead animals, stuff that WILL succumb to rot, and nothing else.

You, and I, are curators. I guess without passionate collectors .. there will be no natural museums…ie homes.

I encourage you to design your own agenda by picking and choosing GOOD stuff. Watches are for me!

Let me say this:

Certain themes keep cropping up again and again.

◦Self-worth: you need to know you already have!!!

◦Perfectionism: it paralyzes!!!

◦Guilt for past actions you can’t change!!!

◦Goals: how can you hit a target if you don’t have one?

◦Indecision: why? when? and what?

As watch collecting continues to burst and live thru our culture, and as it is now already proving its power of immortality.. we should let our SHARED light shine, encourage other people to do likewise.

Our presence, and varying views should automatically liberate others.

It’s helpful to read about the workings of the human mind, the value of thoughts, the various ways to live a FULL life. However, when all is said and done, you are still left with a REAL WORLD life to live. Someone still has to take out the garbage: YOU!

I have been a REAL doctor…meaning that I speak to, interact, influence, and positively restructure lives around me… even my dog’s!!!

I have ALWAYS believed, and am determined to spread the singular theme that: “Your feelings result from the messages you give yourself.”

PERSONALIZATION. Take note: “You see yourself as the cause. Do blame yourself for everything: It’s not always. BUT almost …it is.”

1.Zero in—Start to challenge yourself!

2.Educate yourself. Read and re-read: I read books. —reading therapy— “it is as effective as a full course of psychotherapy or treatment with drugs.

3. Find positive ways to enjoy time.


You know all too well, “when you’re depressed, you don’t feel like doing much.”

It’s the dead wasteland of Nothingness, the gloom that “paralyzes willpower” and the “lack of productivity” that “aggravates self-hatred, resulting in further isolation and incapacitation.”

The less we do, the less we can do, the less we want to do, the more depressed we become.

My grandmother was an acutely depressed person.

I know and have seen it up close!!!

FIRST….deal with folks who nag, cajole, threaten…remove them from your circles.

SECOND…Make a Pleasure Predicting Sheet in your mind, if not your PC or phone: this is a specific technique for those who find themselves to a life of misery.
Get off your backside.

THIRD….clock all your accomplishments.

Then, be real: List all the possible catastrophes waiting for you if you fail. Check for distortions. Believe that you just might be able to cope in any ‘worst-case’ scenario. Learn to respect yourself in failure. It’s NOT THAT BAD.

Your income is woefully inadequate for your needs. You are rapidly depleting your savings. You have major concerns about the future. You are having serious insomnia, anxiety or depression over your finances; frequent and serious arguments with family or partner. Your health is compromised with ulcers, other nervous disorders related to stress.

The stress over money issues has seriously weakened your health.

In all my years of work in the world of finance, I have never met anyone who wasn’t troubled in some way about money or investments or taxes. The rich worry just about as much as the rest of us. So, just remember, “You are not alone.” Now for some practical suggestions:

Make a list of your outstanding debts (liabilities). Write everything down. However awful it is to see these numbers in black and white.

I can share that I have been in that “place”…it’s dark and friendless.

Make another list of all your assets.

Perhaps your problems are more serious.

Take heart! We no longer live in Victorian England where debtors were thrown in jail.

No one wants you to be destroyed by financial squalor.

Not the bank, not the mortgage company, not the credit card folks, not the tax auditors. It is not in anyone’s best interest for you to fail.

Although NO ONE seems able to help…I find that things always work out!!! will recall that it was darn lucky you bought those expensive watches, enjoyed life to the full, and am in 100% condition to take it on again.

I live like that.

Perspective is seeing a cancer patient stage 4.



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