Buying a PHILIP STEIN wristwatch? Am I kidding. Better sex and orgasms?

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(1) It has remarkable good value for money finish. I may sound stupid, but it is the NEW Philip Stein’s of 2013.

(2) Look at the dial detailing.

(3) The quality of the hands…6 for two timezones.

(4) Simple inexpensive, double eta movements, and not an expensive single movement.

(5) Muscular, well polished case with the right proportions in a bezel with a unique design that is manly, and yet could be gender free.

(5) Conversation piece, that makes good fun out of “expensive” complications, which I buy…yes..I can laugh at myself.

(6) Amazing attention to detail from a non watchmaker, but a total new take from an angle of “conversation piece” pseudo science.

(7) This is my personal watch for the last month..yes..I do feel great…huckles.

(8) Look at the paintwork on the numerals. The dial’s detailed finish with real paint, old style, with a rubber stamp.

(9) Look at the bluish hue of the complex radii sapphire.

(10) And the piece de resistance…the magnetic electronic feel good, better sex, twin copper dials on the back.


There are hundreds of cheap watches out there, this is not one of them.

BUT…there are worse things, hundreds of cheap watches, but sold at ridiculous prices.

Fortunately, this watch is NOT meant to be one.

It is , however, an amazingly good watch, well cut, look at the screws, and the fact that they even FRAMED the dials in the FP Journe style for 100th of the price!

Most of all, it brings back FUN and lots of affordability to many who simply want a useful and good watch, Swiss if possible, at a good price.

If you are looking for status, this is NOT it…but for sure…you will get MORE conversation about sciences, business and the whole philosophy of the industry.

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  1. How much it will be more or less ??

    Bernard please did you think about the post for the LV big bags ??

    Have a nice day

    • Bernard Cheong

      OH..for the big Birkins or LVs?
      The LVs are from grandfather’s days…1956.

  2. Oh yes…
    I’m wondering how you can keep the watch in there !

    I’m really curious !



    • You need to buy ready made trays to fill in those trunks.
      These trays for watches can be found at retailers or at jewelry shops.
      I used to.
      Until LV made the 8 watch trunk.

  3. You need to buy ready made trays to fill in those trunks.
    I used to.
    Until LV made the 8 watch trunk.

  4. The 8 watch trunk by LV are astonishing very cool !! So in the big trunks from the ’50 you have so many small trunk is that correct ??

    Again my best compliments for the OPUS 3 !! Looks amazing even the presentation box !!

    Question ?? Did you pay it back than or now ??

    Thank you very much !

    Have a nice day

  5. Bernard did you see the RJ SPACECRAFT ?? What do you think will soon be numbered in your collection ??

    Thank you take care


  6. Bernard I’m looking for a sea-gull M182SLK with the red strap did you know where I can find it ? I try to contact them on their web site but I got no answer at all !!

    Have a nice day thank you



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