Buy low. In this market, picking the very best made.

Values of buying used watches

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How To buy low. You need uncontrollable set of events.

(1) A wealthy, previously or currently wealthy seller…willing to sell.

(2) Knowing the fundamental, not the advertised sentiment, value.

(3) Having the $250,000 USD it will take.


I believe in unknown factors: LUCK and FORTUNE of the owner is numero uno.

I have been UNEXPLAINABLY fortunate, lucky and blessed…which is why I never cover/conceal my watch serial numbers, they sell put it mildly.

Then again, if single men all buy stuff instead of legally¬†working clothing and gifts for¬†women (the title pic)…we may have variable market dynamics.

Here is what became LOW and what did not:

First the platinum Parmigiani tourbillons fell, but I think, fundamentally these were made before advertising money was spent.

These are, to me, valuable in the future, and would not see prices like this again.

There will never be more than 10 platinums made, the cases were cast in 2003…finished and to retail by 2009.

8% the price of the closest single tourb cage Greubel Forsey.

Half the price of the closest Richard Mille.


low priced good swiss made

Low price today, at $98,000 USD platinum. Used.

Better work can only be found from greubel forsey

The best of Geneva stripes

Can better or more refined be done?

The BEST possible of Geneva stripes

the 2011 toric tourbillon

Parmigiani’s 2011 toric tourbillon

the 1% flaw

That 1% flaw in the TOP end

Parmigianni Toric Tourbillon platinum

10% the cost of an equivalent Greubel Forsey, platinum.
78% price of a Rose Gold Richard Mille.
Parmigianni Toric Tourbillon platinum

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