Birkins and wristwatches

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It may seem that the hard earned repute of Hermes stitch is threatened by lesser work experience with the leathers. I have noticed much more error and less “sharpness” in edges. I have Birkins which are well worned, with patina of age, looking graceful and elegant. They retained sharp corners and excellent stitch regularity in pressure and taughtness in the way the stict pulls around the leather. ALL DONE BY HAND.

To a person like me, I will use Birkins to illustrate what I mean by long lasting good work.
Imagine watches, made so well…like from DeBethune, Rolex, Patek, Richard Mille, MBF, Laurent Flerier…and many more.

They will outlast and outlive leather.
Even leather, from these Birkins are over 40 years old.

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