SIHH 2017 a first reflection, what makes any purchase “good” and “probably the best”.

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“Good” and “probably the best” by 2017

Looking back at decades of buying my stuff, and cleaning house in 2011…what is the best?

It is the watch that I find most fascinating to photograph and use as a tool to share with the curious what makes it “good” and “probably the best”.

Yes..Basel will be part 2.

But in 2004, Greubel Forsey launched the DT30.

Better known as the Double Tourbillon 30.

Over the years, I could not with clear conscience say it, until I could afford to buy it.

Greubel Forsey know it took me 12 years to save and pay for it.

Looking at the few pictures below, unretouched, under normal office light….the 2004 DT30 platinum IS the most beautiful gender free watch ever made since watches were created.

That is my own POV.

It is faultless in volume.




Resale….except for its unbeaten high price, which is justified.

It is as impossible to fake as it is to make many a perfect painting.

On a woman's is as free from gender as water.

mother of pearl hand placed carefully, permanently on a gold frame.

Rarity, but the closest to a Dutch master

the normal, most often seen view…assuming that these 36 or so watches of platinum from 2004 have been seen by no more than 800 people, who know each other, mostly.

"probably the best" watch ever made“good” because you can and will continue to find secrets of beauty even after years of photographing the watch.


Unretouched Sony A7R with Zeiss Touit Macro


  1. Indeed that is a lovely watch!

    • Bernard Cheong

      Thank you, Mickele.

      The proof of a good a Rolex, Seiko and many others…is that they never need to change the main heart or organs, but just to add on or decorate as relevant and as best they can…following close or leading the upper end of any trend.

      It is not wrong of Lange or IWC to have disappointed many. Or of Panerai. All 3 are/were my favorites. But reality is that they have not yet had enough greatness in any recent post Blumlein era, to generate any mind bending watches.

      RM and even RJ or if u look at some micro brands have made better, more engaging, far reaching pieces….look at LIV or the antique lens watch. Look at the $200 to $400 price tags.

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