Being a General Practioner on an average day

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The day begins at work at 9am.
This has been so since my 2 dughters have grown up, and gone to the university.
One, to study Medicine in the UK, and another doing a double degree in accountancy and business.
Being a doctor, helps me to always put life first.

Putting a patient’s interest before mine is MUCH easier for me.
To be fair to my colleagues, I don’t work at all for any profit or to pay anything.
ie I don’t work for a living.
I work to see if one human being, myself, can be used as an experiment to see if doing good, with no expectation of returns, can be done on a long term basis…becuse I feel guilty about being wealthy. I do.
My clinic is a refuge for me to meditate on GOOD and what motivates kindness, generosity and an indifference to status.
Humbly speaking, my close friends know of my God given wealth…and they are VERY VERY confused as to WHY I bother to work.

My firm and unchanging answer: that it is a form of interaction with people, and to keep in touch with the REAL WORLD is not convincing, because I often complain that work is driving me NUTS.
I will try to explain:
My world, is a total bliss. I live in a home within which there are more than 3 rooms which I have not seen in over 3 years. My double basements cover 6000 sq ft. I have over 28 fruit trees. I am the least wealthy person in my 100m road of 6 houses. Making me “safe” as a target. I have only ONE shared fence with a niehgbour who has 2 Ferarris, 3 Lambhorghinis, a Bently, and many more lesser cars…I won’t be a likely target for any break ins!
I built my own home. I have no debt. I have more than I can spend in 8 lifetimes, and there would still be left over…yes..the fishes and the loaves of Jesus.
In my world, everyone treats me very well.
I can afford to, and actually practice 2 forms of charity, named and anoymous, with anonymous being 80%.
So why work???
Because it gives me the chance to talk to, and realise that MOST people take loans to pay for houses and cars…yes…I had no idea till I got married. High IQ was not part of my gifts.
Because I can get a chance to get scolded. yes…in the real world, not a single person will do that to me…and I have, I am sure, many who want to tell me what a pain in the ass I am.
Because I get to see that Rolex is prized as a very expensive watch.
There is much more…you get the drift.

This is a rheumathoid hand, the patient will be a person who would faint if he knew that the wristwatch cost more than his home.
In fact, in the UK, the same RM002, will buy you 2 Porsche 911 pdk and you will still have change for 1 year of fuel.
But…I get to meet the man.
Not only that, I get to get a scolding from him, because my medicine did not work well enough to stop his pain.
Hey, I get to be treated like any man on the street!!!

This is another case of rheumatoid arthritis.
I see people who are in need.
Can I help? YES.
Do I help? YES.
I realised, it is BEST for me to help anonymously, behind their backs, or they will be grateful, and do all sorts of things, they will tell people, that will RUIN, TOTALLY RUIN, my peaceul refuge at my clinic. I cannot play the Bruce Wayne (society) and Batman role (that’s for the clinic), any longer.

I dare to write this on the blog, because the people I treat, are not exposed to the web.
Please do not ruin this for me.
I am so AMUSED, one day, when a man refused a $50 medication, which I billed him $5, because he felt that I am making a profit!!!!
He wanted a prescription…and he got one.
To teach him a lesson, when he came back…I refused to sell him the meds at $5, but at $50 instead!
I get to be evil at times.

I should not do that! But…I have a weakness for disliking people who are presumptious.
Worse, I have almost a deep dislike for people who place themselves ABOVE others and ACTIVELY put down those that have less.

I wear ALL sorts of watches to work, from $10 to $250,000.
The people, very few, that recognise the $250k watches…are young, and usually executives…I immediately mark their cards, and activate my “poverty” model, and become the poor GP , with double the acting power. Damage control!!!
I often invent CRAZY LIES and MYTHS to explain why I got this expensive wristwatch!
Err…not this one here, but even this is quite costly to my clients who earn less than $2000 each month.

This is an actual seat, from a McDonald Douglas Phantom, that flew during the Vietnam war in 1969.
I got it as a present from a war veteran, who bought it for me from a company in the USA.
It is VERY dangerous to watches!!!!

So….there you are.
The reason why Dr Bernard Cheong, full time watch collector, the Indiana Jones of finding modern day horological artifacts, which cost more than arms and legs, works each day…it brings me meaning to life.
I cannot recomend this to anyone, unless you have a very stable ego.
Otherwise, the blow up in the office will happen.

PS I was born not wealthy. Not poor. But not wealthy.
I made money the hard way.
BUT most of all…..I was at the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME.
And I recieved God’s Blessing thru Jesus Christ.
Laugh…but it is TRUE 100%.
One day…you too will see it.

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