Bad MOODS and why kill yourself?

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Ok…I am going to attempt being a doctor for a change, just once for now. In this blog.

I have been seeing an alarming increase of bad manners, sulking, selfish, non smiling, envious young people, aged 15 to 23 at my “lab clinic” which I work at for fun…

but the crowd has become so huge, I am actually working.


This entry is all about young sulky people.


Teenagers experience depression similar to adults, but more intensely and volatility.

Feeling down about a relationship issue or an upcoming exam is normal.

Feeling down for months at a time for no particular reason, however, may be a sign of undiagnosed depression.

Teen depression is serious, but can be helped.

Depressive illness in teenagers is when the feelings of depression persist and interfere with the teen’s ability to function within his/her usual parameters.

Depression is fairly common in teens. About 5 percent.

Teens under stress, who experience loss, or have attention, learning, conduct or anxiety disorders are at a high risk for depression. Teenage girls are at especially high risk.

Depressed youth often have problems at home.

In many cases, the parents are depressed. Depression has become more common and is now recognized at younger ages.

As depression rises, so does suicide.

It is important to remember behavioral disorders or substance abuse problems.

Confront Your OWN Bad Mood

Many people let unstable moods control their lives. They think that nothing good can happen in their life.

Start: “I’m going to do something great with my time!”

Get rid of small thinking and begin thinking bigger.

If someone’s done you wrong, forgive them in the first 5-10 minutes or you’ll sink deeper into that bad mood.

You don’t have to feel like doing the right thing, JUST do it.

Stability is the ability to quickly return to a calm, stable state when upset; remain calm.

One of the BEST gifts we can give others, our kids and my patients is stability, or dependability.

A dozen opportunities may arise to get you offended or to say stupid things, but no matter what …you have a choice.


I am NOT a sulky person. Even when my mood is down.

Because I can escape, I have the means to create, control, manipulate my environment.

AND…I believe in Jesus. (but that’s too much of another story).

The BEST cure for me, is to go retail shopping…really, it is THAT shallow.

I would make the most fun psychiatrist. If you have money to spend.

As a 56 year old adult, I am getting younger each year from NOW.

I will be celebrating my next 10 birthdays….backwards.

I will turn 46 by 2023.

This is how:

Last week, I bought a Vianney Halter ( Vianney is a good friend) triple axis, not double, triple…and I made him and TheHourGlass happy, which made me happy.

Which immediately took 3 years off my age.

vianney halter coolest watch

Then, yesterday, I took a slow leasurely time to listen to my Oracle 2500 mk3, and cleaned the world’s first Antiqua.


A piece of history. I bought it 10 years back, because I needed retail theraphy.

This watch, is Vianney’s handiwork, with hand carved numerals!

Those rivets and all are real, not decorative.

They ultimately made 100 of these over 15 years, mine is THE original, and is numbered 00.

It has hand made, unique parts within.

Before Vianney founded Janvier.

Vianney will be remembered as the first watch maker that made art.

A long story.

Google “Vianney Halter speech at GPHH” on utube.

See..Controlling myself, instead of ranting works.

Today, even if my antiqua is not what it is…the prices have doubled.

It is a great piece.

BUT…it took 15 years, and about 5 models inbetween for Vianney to change his style.

The DEEP SPACE is an important piece.

Buy it.

Even if you have to take a loan.

FORGET Suzy whatever.





  1. Wow Bernard, I knew that you bought it yeeessss…… of the best ever ! Great watch Bernard as usual good choice….when will you receive it ??
    Please Bernard when you get it we want to see the pic of the watch together with the presentation box…..pleeeease !!!

    We have to be always happy and smile to the others even if sometime you do not have the mood to do so we have to….You know this is my MANTRA always be happy, smile around….on my work place they say that every time the see me they happier than before…even if we facing with tough moment full of stress…I’m the happiest guys to work with ! The smile can relieves a lot of tension and in my point of view release a good toxin for the body !! As a doctor you know better than me !

    Have a nice day take care



  2. Bernard Cheong

    Yeah man. I still think people would think or interprete it as showing off. However, they may be 100% right. Then again, how much fun can it be, if one is not allowed to show his friends anything…whether it is costly or cheap?
    I guess, I will stop thinking so much, and simply show it.

  3. Great article Doc,

    I like what you have wrote “You don’t have to feel like doing the right thing, JUST do it.” If I can you touch the Vianney’s deep space tourbillon, I might feel 5 years off my age 😆

  4. Yes doc,

    don’t think too much ” just do it ” !!

    Thanks to people like you who share their purchase, their belonging, their feeling….there’s no sense if someone cannot show and share his things……Thanks to you who share everything with us and please keep doing that because we want/need to see your stuff specially the timepieces either expensive or cheap doesn’t matter….just show us !!

    Have a nice day….



  5. Dear dr cheong-greetings from north wales-uk! Your site is fantastic and provides me with great admiration of your collections.
    I used to live inSingapore and all your old photos remind me of all the high end watch and hi fi shops I used to window shop in as a student…. The section on cars makes me chuckle at the cost of them over there now! I visit singapore every Christmas and my family still own the one if the oldest chicken rice restaurants in singapore-yet con on purvis street, I am the Eurasian grandson…If you are ever in the north of England then look me up-singapore legends are always welcome here! Kindest regards

    • Bernard Cheong

      Hello Steve,
      I am familiar with Wales in 1978 to 1980, after that…I can recall bright sun, green…and lots of grey house walls.
      Your comments brightened my day.

      You know.
      Not all people, including me, get to become explorers or politicians or writers who change the world.

      BUT…doing the normal day to day life…is already a challenge.

      I wish to encourage everyone, including the famous, to be celebrating ordinary extremes, to mix into the crazy world we live in.

      I admire the eccentric collections of the British people.

  6. Great piece. The Deep Space is indeed an extremely important piece from the most original watchmaking mind at work today. It is pathbreaking to seek inspiration not from the usual horological and hoary sources but from science fiction, and more specifically the hardware of science fiction. This is another revolution for horology that has become more and more stuck in the mud. I feel that the watchworld did not know what to make of the Antiqua when it first appeared but ultimately came to see it as brilliant. This new creation is just as eccentric and just as important. People who seek such things are not seeking the approval or envy of others because others will generally not even know what it is. Rather they express an aspect of their own soul through identification with, and appreciation of, a kindred spirit. When I see a watch like this I don’t see a watch or something materialistic. I see a man’s dreams and a little bit of his soul, I see an expression of the essence of humanity, its aspiration to betterment. Congratulations and let us know when you take delivery!

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