Artifacts of 2001 to 2038

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“Artefacts” of an era 2001 to 2038 mean a very different thing from any encyclopedia’s description to both you and I.

In our modern, present and possibly future world, I dare say 2038, we may think only of a narrow definition of “what is an artifact”.

What makes a 2001 to 2038 artifact?

I have a very narrow description.

It has to define what shaped that economy, politics and the main objects of desire and industrial demand.

It was once the car, the television, even an entire home with all of what defined its occupant owners.

What changed ?

After the world’s greatest series of catastrophes which happened so close to each other, WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam…an era of illusionary peace made us all wonky.


After Vietnam, the over whelming peace, yes…when we think back of what people of great intelligence and ideals did to each other, murdered thousands with no comparable emotion of horror..

How we could reach a state of the mind where the use of a weapon, not once, but twice in weeks…could make Manhattan simply disappear with descriptions like “a nuclear wind”.

How could people bring families to “enjoy” watching the “beauty” of nature’s incredible power revealing itself as a nuclear blast? With sunglasses and sunscreen?

I was already born when these were ‘popularly” reported.

So what really changed?

The search for a challenging mission became not overcoming a threat of incredible evil, but the ideal of searching for a better life and indirectly, culture.

We began making things that to all logic, would make lives better.

We became good at it. We became so much better that every cycle of “invention” brought changes which could be measurably better, or at least be much much more desirable.

Sure…this change is a most welcome and wishfully permanent way of life.

Did it really make our world better?


But it brought about an unforeseen, by most, problem…redundancy was one side.

The search for design, antiquities, inventions which would challenge theĀ “yet to be better object”.

Uniquely a pastime of Kings, the collectors were a real but intangible economic class. it is a huge, ever growing one.

What really changed was that in stamps, rare books, art, cars, and myriads of artifacts of modern man was soon realized to occupy the ever changing value called “real estate”.

It is really not much fun, to be glib, to own a huge mansion which one could only enjoy once a year, or to spend valuable time maintaining one’s collections.

Hoarding became the thin, red line separating a collector or connoisseur, I myself could be a mindless , sick hoarder.

My arguments for the defence

I collect “apex inventions”, like the same predators, what I collect would remain rare, too costly to replicate in the far future.

Incredibly tough, not only are they difficult to undo or go bust with torture…they have extremely low maintenance costs.


They should remain or better, grow more desirable as they age beyond 2038 ( a random date).

No one can predict this.

But I can guess that most men are not fools…common as fools are, the sheer growth of watch interest far out performs whatever came before.

The tourbillon is the “inclusion free diamond”, although man made, the sheer boundary of time, creates its rarity.

Here are 2 examples of what I call “BOOKEND” creations, the best of the least costly and the ultimate machine.

The Roger Dubuis Sports Activity Watch Tourbillon

280 made, and no more…mostly sold out within months, designed with so many details on the surface, and of steel, with just the RIGHT amount of white gold on the most palpable bezel:

Polished by machines, minimal handwork, clever halo product pricing at below $98,000 USD new.

The Platinum Greubel Forsey asymmetric tourbillon

Maximum quality pushed into the smallest of places.

maximum quality placed in swathes across areas of frosted gold on gold.

At a quarter of a kilogram, it takes 3 to 4 cubic football fields of platinum ore alone to have that raw platinum 950.

Both objects required no advertising or endorsements to sell out.

$98,000 USD new back in 2009

$98,000 USD new back in 2009

Maximum machine work at its best.

Maximum machine work at its best.

Low numbers, 280 made and STOP.

Low numbers, 280 made and STOP.

$500,000 USD of intense craft..a fleet of Rolls Royces into a box of a shoe.

$500,000 USD of intense craft..a fleet of Rolls Royces into a box of a shoe.


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