Addictions: Treadmills, Timings, TV, Work and Caffeine

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Daily 5km.

Weekly 10km

Daily 10 hours office

Weekly 6 Hours social events 4times a week

5 to 7 Nespressos (black/purpule)

Watches..3 to 6 a day. Automatic/handwinds.

Porsche911 8 hours a week.

Toyota RAV4 7 hours a week.

Nissan Juke 5 hours aweek.

TV 4 hours daily.


  1. Can I resume my week as following:

    Daily 12 hours work split in 7 hours office 5 hours yard

    Weekly 3 /4 hours social events and friends 2 times a week

    Watch 1 a day automatic/handwound

    VW Touareg 10 hours a week

    Smart 14 hours a week

    TV 2 hours daily

    Sex 4 times a week

    Internet 35 hours a week

    Reading Bernard’s blog 7 times a week or 14 hours a week

    • Heey…I envy your youth.
      I think that, or rather recall, that I could never have had sex 4 x a week…minus solo sessions!
      I guess I was too busy making/spending money…NOT a good role model (me).
      Now..that being said. I have no regrets, because the MAIN part of my life, the greatess part…was creating a family, building the ties, the house, the travels, the activities without any intention of making my children or wife or parents…anything more than helping them discover themselves.
      I guess my kids and my wife…discovered their talents, and friends..and sucess in the things they were passionate about.
      The role of GOD in my life was INCREDIBLE…He created my wealth…literally.
      Thanks for sharing with me.
      I always enjoy your replys.

  2. Hi Bernard, off-topic but do see my post on your blog entry here –

  3. Let me try this :

    Work : 9 hours + 3 hours night daily or 10 hours + 4hopp hours night daily

    Watch : only 1 automatic prototype given by a friend

    Volkswagen Golf 8 hours a week

    Tv barely 4 hours a week to watch a movie

    1-2 nespressos per day

    6 hours of sport weekly

    The rest of the time is spend thinking, reading news, eating and sleeping

    I can only hope that all this time spent working will get me nice quality time and trips with my wife and obviously some nice watches 😉

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