A wristwatch when/if crafted with soul, these are but examples:

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 First, keep them in perspective!
A proper frame, like a box specifically made for watches is the best.
The LV Trunk itself is a classic, and they do make one for 8 watches.
This is ENOUGH.

 The lining has to be superb and faultlessly clean and of the RIGHT colour.
The material is scractproof felt.
The box, as well crafted as the contents.
The appear here in chronological order, as I starved, lost weight, got ill, in fact…climbed mountains to get them.
The ANTIQUA from 1998.

The IWC Squelette repeater, laughed at by repeater collectors, for its soft diminutive sound…but as a work of visual and aural art…it has NO RIVAL at all.
It was from 2004.

Many think less than 55 were made…and I believe so, first hand.
It was a watch I bought without seeing it!!!!
The last 2 auctions saw in USD, $465,000 and $320,000.
In 2005, I paid $156,000 sgd.
The rush to get one was incredulous.
It was and remains the LAST ICONIC Opus.

 The first 3 of Richard Milles’ watches.
01,02 and 03.
They were so “affordable then” at $156,000 sgd.
Today, $450,000sgd…and sold out at many places.
Only Richard Milles’ Tourbillon powered watches are the REAL DEAL…for get the ones with NO tourbillons!
Trust me, buy one used, for say $200,000 usd…and you will get more returns than a bank can give you over 5 years.

The CONTROVERSIAL purchase of Max Busser’s first watch, the Machine 1.
I paid $188,888 sgd for mine in 2007.
Today, used..none. New…$298,000 USD.
Need I say more???
There are less than 2 left in the world.

 Another of Max’s machines. This is the most important..the machine 3.
Forget the bloody frogs…they have NO GOLD.
I love GOLD…and maybe I am a NUT…but I will bet my own genitals that this one, with GOLD..will be THE one that is wanted.
They are RARER and MORE costly to make, but cost less than the FROGS.

 Ulysse Nardin Diavolo FREAK Rolf 75.
OK..at $300,000 sgd, this will NOT be likely to be a direct investment.
It is and will be simply a sledgehammer to shatter the confidence of those who thought they had accomplished more than you have.
CHILDISH…but fun!!!!
YOU WILL get your $300,000sgd back in 2020.
It is 243grams of platinum!!!! A quarter of a kilo.
That’s expensive stuff.

The last addition has, and is, the ONLY watch here with no precious metal.
The whole point is that by SHEER workmanship. I will dare demonstrate, just like the Birkins, that man’s work can be as valuable as gold.
This is the ONLY watch..IMHO…that can rival my own collection of Vianney’s, Pateks, Langes and Dufours…errr…Rolexs are not in this class.
BUT I have a LOVE for Rolex and SEIKOs..I will later explain.
But the De Bethune DB28 at a pounding and ball shattering $100,000sgd is no toy!
It is a serious tool, for the treatment of the owner’s mood swings and bipolar tendencies…or any temptation to work less hard..or be less idealistic.

Above..all 8 watches in their complete glory.
NEXT…a LONG wait for the ROLEXes.
Watch collecting can cure cancer…and prevent it.
Don’t ask me why!

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