A thing of beauty (modern giant sized Richard Mille rm011 versus Frank Muller 8883 cc df Double Face Chronograph)

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The RM11 FM piece unique carbon ti with 1991 Franck Muller double face

The RM11 FM piece unique carbon ti with 1991 Franck Muller double face

Both watches are among my own collection, the Franck Muller’s dial, with multiple glass layers, printed fonts on the inside of the glass and covering the guiloche gave it an incredible 3d beauty, never seen in 1992.

Yes…I had it since.

The modern RM 011 with carbon and annual calendar with flyback chorine is a simple movement, with attention to beauty.

Both will age and patina will form.

These are beautiful to me.

The double face of the Muller, with a creamy white effect over the guiloche due to a thin glass coat is simply beautiful…more later.

Today, Franck Muller uses more mundane dials…these glass dials are super to behold, and the colors overwhelm with emotion.


  1. Wow Bernard,
    they are amazing !
    I don’t even know that you own a Frank Muller as well !! Well done they are superlative ! Who knows how many others brand do you own !!
    Take care



    • Bernard Cheong

      Heey I am so sorry I missed my meeting with you at The Hour Glass. By now, the chf is flying high…arrggghh.
      Brands? Hmm quite alot…well all the brands and watches reviewed by me for example, and all the brands and more that you see having forums at the purists and TZ.
      I have been keeping secrets…like the post here..for surprise release…the Franck Muller here may be the ONLY double face, ie another chronograph on the back, in this huge Artenitas like case.
      And this pink RM007 which belongs to my daughter.
      The Tag V4 you saw at the purists too.

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