A day that even the most mundane material things would color..a metallic red Nissan Juke, Porsche, Richard Mille mixed into life

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Life can be colored..black and white.

Or worse, GREY.

I guess, from the most serious of medical conditions, to the most trivial of things like a wristwatch or car..

Makes working hard meaningful for YOUNGER people.

Once you already have these things…you start to ponder the most frustrating playground of philosophy.

That’s how a day can just pass…’



pick up stuff

buy dinner

pick up daughter

wth daughter drive car



The wristwatch seems to be, apart from family, the ONLY consistently beautiful and colorful thing that accompanies anyone with a busy schedule.

And it must be something fascinating to look at…it would color your life.

Plus a few good books and movies..more next day.

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  1. Bernard Cheong

    I am in a learning phase.
    But for sure…I will help if I can.

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