My tourbillons have never gave me any trouble, not once. For the record.

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You’ll hear it often: you need to when you buy a used watch is to send it to be serviced.

This notion has reached the status of truth, questioned rarely, if at all.

It is built on preconceived certainties and little else, I am not sure about the facts as they present themselves in practice any more.
The bottom line is this: given the operating tolerances of finely assembled mechanical watches, maybe it is better not to open up a sophisticated device without reason.

Legitimate reasons are running too fast or dirt or scratches.

In my experience that’s rarely the case. Even for watches that have sat unused for decades.
If you’re a 100% perfect type, well, I suspect you’re not going to be interested in vintage or pre owned at all.

That said:

A brand new Vianney Halter and a 3 year old Greubel Forsey and a box of watches I own from 12 to 1 year old…all lived healthy.

deepspace (5)deepspace (22)deepspace (4)greubel incline platinum (3)greubel forsey asymetric


  1. Bernard Cheong

    CHRONOGRAPHS on the other hand… give, as in the present tense…even today, new, brand new…do give trouble.

    The hands not going back to their rightful place.

  2. Bernard,

    Wow the deep space tourb. finally with you ???

    When did you get it ?

    Compliments very well done…now I’m only waiting to see it !



  3. Dear Mr. Bernard

    I wanted to get in touch with you regarding an antique watch collection on which i would like to take your opinion on.

    Tried searching online but there is no available email address.

    Please do let me know on how I could get in touch with you. My co ordinates are :;; +6582882754

    Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

    warm rgds

    • Bernard Cheong

      You did receive my mail.

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