The final version of the Devon Tread 2 is here and it is GREAT.

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Devon-Tread-2-20132013.02.14_Devon Tread 2 Press Release

Most of all, it has an arm on the crown, like a knife.

The Richard Mille looking scres are a GOOD aesthetic.

It will rechardge wirelessly as all Tread’s do…for 2 weeks on one charge.

My Tread 1 is running as smooth as a baby’s bottom for over 2 years of my abusive use.

I wish to see america running fast into the world of uber watches at affordable, although not inexpensive, prices.

Tread is a really good thing.

Finally, or again, a real American watch with no swiss or china parts.

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  1. Very good time pieces but to be honest I still prefere the one they showed
    to the last Basel fair !! 😎

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