Look at a watch, a considerably “delicate” watch, that I have used and roughly thrashed..yes…after 10 years!!! Paid $38,000 sgd, today worth $56,000 if lucky or $43,000 worse case.

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This watch has been with me to work and play.


Seen my daughters grow up.


Seen me thru tough times, yes…I was almost ruined.


Seen me to sucess.


Seen me own a Toyota by a 10 year instalments.


I think back…and I think of how I bought this watch then, when I was earning HALF of what the watch cost…it took me 2 months pay/earnings, to buy it.


Those days, were NOT like today, where watches are of “some degree” of interest to humans.


It was like buying/collecting say…headphones or radios.


To pay $48,000 or something…is absurd then.


BUT..you know, I bought it because I was NOT wealthy, but I loved the look then and still do.


There are not many watches which can get waitresses at a MacDonald’s to ask to see it, or passport officers at the airport in ZURICH and Thailand and Japan, to ask me to remove it for them…as a favor, if I would, not obligatory…they wanted to see it..because they have not seen such a beautiful watch…all this happened after and between 2007 to 2013.


Today, I decided that although I own a Diavolo (platinum 0 of 75), I decided that I want another for my 2 daughters.


It is also their favorite.


Well when I own…xx,xxx watches, finding a few favorites are hard…especially since there are Opus, mbf and rm in the mix!


BUT…look at the liquid like flow of the lines.


I am not a talented photograper, but a guy who likes to play with top end gear.


But I decided to use a SONY Nex7 with 30mm sony macro…so as to deliver a truer picture…I tried a macro elmarit on a Leica S2…as well as a 100mm and a mpe65 canon.


But I guess my limited skill delivered the best with the cheaper options.


Tell me if you do wish to see more, of either Diavolo or the freak.


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  1. Dear Dr Cheong, for a guy like me in mid 20s, you’re such a role model Dr Cheong. You’re passion for time pieces really inspires me. I’ve been interested in collecting watches since 20 and own only 3 automatic watches from Vostok. Now I’m thinking of buying my first good quality watch. And I’m eyeing the omega speedmaster automatic chronograph steel on steel. I’m also one who wants to buy not just for money value and I’m wondering, what is a good starting watch to get that is has great worth? Please help me out with some tips and advice.


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