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12 Monkeys

Time well spent indoors

Television that connects fun and education by mental exercise to a high level.
12 Monkeys, serious contribution to history of how we went from writing on stone,  scrolls, paper and ink, to printing, to books, to literature, photos to film, to 12 hour , long seasons hour TV programming.

What is a SEIKO watch but another small clock. But if frozen, with paper photos of where and when you were…in the far future.

Have you and I done ANYTHING relevant?

Or even relevant enough to change our minds, let alone life?


Nikon, paper print photo and seiko

Nikon, paper print photo and seiko

12 monkeys

Time travel

Is this mad?

How far is 2099?

Thinking of aviation in 1900, and the B29, the B52, the Airbus 2012…well and phones in 1965, handphones 1988, web and smart phones…say with a PRIMITIVE time machine, I shot to the FUTURE..yes never go back, you may just change EVERYTHING.

In the 12 Monkeys fictional world, there seems to be ONLY 1 timeline possible.

Making past directional time travel extremely dangerous.

But IF I went forward and it was technically possible by 2020, it could be a ONE WAY trip,,forward.

But think, if I went carefully forward to 2030, 10 years, history will record that I was programmed to arrive in 2020, day date time and place.

Waiting for me, are the same team to greet me.
Now after 10 years, they had sent over 5 more to arrive in 2021. 2023, 2025 and 2029.

If most arrived safe…and IF they were to send me further to 2099.
By 2099, I may arrive in a void of lifelessness…or a good future…to enable a CHRONONAUT like me, the first…to come backwards, IF they had not already tried.

At work 1983

At work 1983

If by going back to 2020, it may be revealed that we didn’t discover time travel till 2099.
I was the person who brought the tech back by revealing in a box, hidden since 2019 by the real first Chrononaut to travel backwards…to make it safe, he was chosen from a group of patients with terminal illness, and he had only an hour to live..no more, not enough to change history, but to hide a box for me to find.
To start the programme.

This seems to complete a loop.

No others were ever sent back after. Too dangerous to fate (which is what this creates), and history.

In 2099, history will record that 6 chrononauts were sent forwards.

Contributing to confirming historical events.

Then, for the first time, 2098, a chrononaut, the first..would be sent back.
He would place an item, to be retrieved, a wristwatch of materials and technology and math that would be advanced for that era…like a Greubel Forsey. Rare enough, too fine to be duplicated, too fine to be mistaken.

That event would confirm that backwards time travel would be possible…and this first back traveler will not “meet himself”, because he would be sent, according to history after he “left the past” in, say 2025.

This may mean a person can return from the future, with much knowledge, bringing a better tomorrow, faster…which was already done…or is it?

12 Monkeys season 2

proof that I was in 1982

proof that I was in 1982


Imagine if I showed a Greubel Forsey to the staff at the hospital in 1983?

Or a cellphone?

Or a digital camera?

What if of all horrors, the future is like a city of tents and poor, homeless, war torn people?

No way back home, to now. Is our era the golden era?

Although I do sincerely believe that time could theorectically be “travelled”, maybe one day, there will be “paradoxes”. Wristwatches worn..

Too many to list here, but do watch the, what most global reknown critics say “Is possibly the most thought out educational and entertaining..” series EVER…on the subject.

The year of the monkey.

The 12 Monkeys.

12 Monkeys season 2

12 monkeys season 2

12 monkeys season 2


12 monkeys season 1 Deacon's "clint Eastwood" moment

12 monkeys season 1
Deacon’s “clint Eastwood” moment


Our relaxed tv orientated mind is lterally taken for a GOOD exercise, with no stress…rarely can this be done.


12 monkeys season 2 electro therapy korea 1945

12 monkeys season 2
electro therapy korea 1945

Should we ever attempt to contribute resources to time travel? Is not medicine more important?

Would anyone in 1900 see or believe what a 747 or an Airbus can do? aaron stanford

12 monkeys season 2 to change history,a board of regulators..

12 monkeys season 2
to change history,a board of regulators..


12 monkeys season 2 corporate or political gains..

12 monkeys season 2
corporate or political gains..


Can I disappear for 1 second, live out 1 year in 2030, and reappear in another 1 second, just 1 year older?

With the cures, procedures for technical advancement.

If so..did history record it in 2099 ?


12 monkeys season 2

12 monkeys season 2


12 monkeys season 2 (4)

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  1. Bernard,

    soon or later we start to play back and forth with the future……maybe even earlier than 2099…..and we can see many Greubel&Forsey running above and beyond of 2099 !!! We look at it and say….wow they were capable to do such a great mechanism……who knows…..

    Have a nice day…..



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