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Home , house , Zen , clutter but life is here

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Home , house , Zen , clutter but life is here

Home or house or clutter? My home , my or our house, zen and clutter Chinese New Year is where almost all the Chinese community do some house , home , and clutter cleaning. Well , my clutter is both my peace with Zen and my home. I can’t clean it by anything over a factor of maybe 10%. With 6,700 of indoor area..erm that’s almost 2 to 3 sizes of most homes here…I wasn’t rich, just blessed with good friends who then in 1989, knew I needed a BIG place with a low price. They also knew I was sentimental. The man who will not sell his home, especially one I made and built. It’s much more than a house. It’s my memories. Probably the memories of all of my core family too....

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